Ealing Liberal Democrats say Council failing to meet residents expectations

Image above: Ealing Council Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats say Ealing’s Labour council is failing to meet their own targets

The Ealing Liberal Democrats have launched an attack on Ealing Council, accusing them of “failing to meet residents expectations on answering phones and keeping streets clean.”

Ealing Council is made up of seventy councillors. Labour controls the council and has 59 councillors, the Lib Dems have six and the Conservatives have five.

The Lib Dems say: “This Labour administration is breaking its promises to residents who elected them. Labour are not responsive to the needs or requests from its residents. It has failed to meet its own targets for answering 80% of phone calls in five minutes for the second quarter of 2023/24 year.

“This echoes the missed targets for resident satisfaction with council contacts set at 72% against 80% target. These performance measures have been missed for half of this year’s performance and goes to underline the lack of responsiveness and agility of Ealing Labour to address the needs of those asking for advice or help in these challenging times.”

Lib Dems say council lacks leadership

“In governance terms these failures point to a significant lack of leadership and a weak delivery ability to turn around failing under performance. These consistent failures across two quarters (the first half of this year 2023/24) are often called “double reds.”

“Other “double reds” include a failure to improve recycling rates of households which have consistently remained at about 50% for the past five years. Fly tipping is another missed target at 79% in Q2 set against a target of 95%. These “double reds” show persistent failure by Ealing Labour in the first half of this year – what hope is there for improvement in the next six months?”

“Council is failing”

Councillor Gary Malcolm, Leader of the Opposition and Councill0r for Southfield ward in Chiswick, says:

“Liberal Democrats are challenging Ealing Labour to outline clear action plans to address residents’ concerns including picking up the phone to residents and addressing the large amount of fly-tipping and encouraging households to recycle more of their waste. Liberal Democrats want to see a clean and safe Ealing where the Council listens. Ealing Labour are failing on all those fronts.”

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