Eddie & Elvis’ appeal to feed school children

Magic Breakfast needs your suport to stop children going hungry. Your donation will be used to give breakfast take-home packs to children living in poverty.

Currently 4.1 million children in the UK are living in poverty – that’s nine children in every class of 30 growing up too poor to afford the essentials that most of us take for granted.

Magic Breakfast provides healthy, nutritious breakfasts to over 48,000 children at risk of hunger, giving them fuel they need to learn.

During these unprecedented times, Magic Breakfast is committed to providing children at risk of hunger with access to a free, nutritious breakfast at the start of the day.

While it is no longer possible to run the Magic Breakfast provision as usual in schools, your support will allow Magic Breakfast to provide breakfast take-home packs for families across the UK.

For more information please see the Magic Breakfast website.

Please call on 0207 836 5434