Eighteen storey tower block approved in South Acton

Image above: Developer’s impression of the approved scheme

Council approve tower block with 9-2 majority

Ealing Council has recently granted approval for an 18-storey tower block in South Acton. The proposed scheme, situated on Greenock Road near South Acton station, will encompass a mix of residential and commercial spaces.

While there were concerns expressed by some residents, particularly those who live in the vicinity of Temple and Weston Roads, the broader sentiment leaned towards approval.  Temple Road residents raised issues regarding the height of the development, pointing out it exceeded the Council’s prescribed limit for the area.

One of the primary factors contributing to the acceptance of the proposal was the developer’s promise to enhance Greenock Road. One Council officer said:

“There is a significant public benefit to the proposal that justifies a marginal increase of three storeys above the identified height in the masterplan.”

One resident who lives near the planned tower block, Simon Harris from Temple Road, told the planning committee that his neighbours were planning to move away should the building be approved. None of these neighbours spoke at the meeting.

The development plan encompasses not only the 18-storey housing block but also includes two adjacent blocks standing at 15 and 12 storeys, along with ample commercial space.

Of the 124 flats, 36% are set to be ‘affordable housing’ (broken down into 60% London affordable housing and 40% shared ownership). The Council has also secured almost £1m from section 106 agreements that will go towards a local healthcare provision (£260,000), education (£230,000), leisure facilities (£70,000), open space (£35,000) and children’s play spaces (£55,000).

During the deliberation process, some councillors voiced reservations about the height of the buildings, echoing concerns raised by local residents. Others emphasised the project’s potential to enhance the surrounding infrastructure and its overall design quality.

Ultimately, the Council approved the plan, with a 9-2 majority vote in favour.