Episode 14: Of course the booing of footballers is racist

Mihir Bose, writer and broadcaster, writes primarily on sport. In the seventies he was always the only non-white reporter in the press box and often the only non-white spectator in the whole football ground, so he is well placed to comment on the current controversy over the booing of football players who take the knee at the beginning of matches in support of Black Lives Matter.

He shares with old friends David Smith, Economics Editor of the Sunday Times and political commentator Nigel Dudley, how in those days he didn’t dare travel to matches by train for his own safety. Having been abused by football hooligans on a train journey to a match he decided he would drive everywhere. But what he got was nothing compared with the abuse Black players received, he says.

There’s been a lot of pseudo intellectual claptrap about whether the booing of footballers taking the knee at matches is racist. Of course it is. The Three Old Hacks discuss Black Lives Matter and the disastrous launch of GB News in this week’s Three Old Hacks podcast.

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