Episode 31: Three Old Hacks consider the week’s news

As the war in Ukraine marks its grim one-year anniversary, the Three Old Hacks, aka former Sports News editor at the BBC Mihir Bose, Economics editor of the Sunday Times David Smith and political commentator Nigel Dudley, discuss whether we have clear aims in this war and how it might end. 1:09

They talk about the SNP leadership battle and whether religion and politics mix in the 21st century. 13:25

They look at the Roald Dahl controversy and compare the re-writing of his books with Thomas Bowdler’s attempts to sanitise Shakespeare and language used by George Orwell which most certainly would not be published today. 24:18

Finally, the conversation turns to football, as it often does, and their thoughts on who is a fit and proper owner for an English football club. 38:13

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