Episode 41: Prime Ministers in election mode – from the pipe-smoking Harold Wilson to the dishwasher-stacking Rishi Sunak

The Three Old Hacks have long memories. Former BBC Sports News editor Mihir Bose, Economics Editor of the Sunday Times David Smith and political analyst Nigel Dudley have been covering the nation’s major events for decades and are well placed to compare and contrast the pre-election antics of politicians.

Harold Wilson smoked a pipe in public, in an attempt to appear a ‘man of the people’, but smoked cigars in private, recalls Nigel. There was that excruciating video of Ed Milliband attempting to eat a bacon sandwich in public, and the video with Tony Blair eating cereal with his kids in his kitchen which put the ‘corn’ in ‘cornflakes. So a prime minister attempting to cosy up to the public by telling us how he loads the dishwasher and turn down the bed (“all a bit clumsy” – David) is nothing new to them.

Other subjects on the agenda in this week’s podcast are whether or not we can expect another Budget before the next election and how much the Government can expect to influence our votes with it (12:20), the absence of specific promises from Labour (17:32) and the Princess of Wales (28:07) – whether the papers were right to go big on the dodgy Mother’s Day photograph in the light of what we now know, that she has cancer.

The discussion of the royal family photographs prompted a discussion of their own family photographs.

Pictured above; a young Nigel Dudley

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