Episode 42: Thank you Mr Crombie

Mihir Bose, former BBC Sports editor, talks to David Smith, Economics Editor of the Sunday Times, and political commentator Nigel Dudley about his memoir Thank you Mr Crombie – Lessons in Guilt and Gratitude to the British.

Mihir grew up in India, just after Independence, part of a wealthy family with a hierarchy of servants, where as a child he was treated like a little prince. Had he stayed there and remained a partner in what is now India’s accountancy firm, he might have made millions as the country developed. Instead he came to Britain to pursue his passion for journalism.

He met David and Nigel not long after he settled in London, and having been subjected to the usual 1960s racism – violence from National Front skinheads, landladies refusing to rent him a room, he finally found his niche on the Financial Weekly and his tribe, journalists, who did not care about his colour, and they have remained good friends ever since.

In this podcast they talk about how multicultural Britain has changed since those days, the impact of immigration, the legacy of Empire and Mihir’s personal journey.

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Come and see Mihir talking about Thank You Mr Crombie at an event in Chiswick

Mihir will be talking about his memoir to friend and colleague, journalist Peter Oborne, on Wednesday 29 May at George IV pub in Chiswick.

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