Fallen tree clearance hampered by strong winds

Image above: Tree which fell in Thorney Hedge Rd on Friday; photograph Jennifer Griffiths

Workmen trying to clear fallen trees from Chiswick and Acton are being hampered by continuing high winds on Monday.

Storm Eunice played havoc with ‘leafy Chiswick’, bringing down several big trees in Chiswick and Acton, blocking roads. It also brought down fences and walls.

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Images above: Workmen dismantling the tree; photographs Punita Pandya

On Monday (21 February) Council workmen are dismantling a tree which fell in Thorney Hedge Rd on Friday afternoon, crushing a car at its base on one side of the road and catching in a tree opposite.

The workmen are using a crane to lift the tree off, but as cranes can only be operated when winds are under 40mph, they have had to keep stopping while gusts of wind blew through.

The tree which fell is entangled in the branches of the one opposite. Punita Pandya, who lives in number 34, behind the tree, told The Chiswick Calendar:

“I didn’t hear a thing, because I suppose it was caught in the tree outside, but thank goodness for that because if it had landed on our house it would have destroyed it.”

She is not able to leave her house while the work is carried out. These are her pictures.

Hounslow Council parking bays from number 1 to 41 on the road will be suspended from today until 12pm on Wednesday 23 February.

Images above: Workmen dismantling the tree; photographs Punita Pandya

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