Find out who is the most hardworking local councillor representing Chiswick in LB Hounslow

John Todd tops the table, with the highest number of pieces of case work logged

Figures have been published for the amount of casework done by local councillors on Hounslow Council.

The figures for the three Chiswick wards of Chiswick Homefields, Chiswick Riverside and Chiswick Gunnersbury (nine councillors in all, eight of them Conservative) show Cllr John Todd to be the most productive, as he has been for as long as The Chiswick Calendar has been reporting on this, despite the fact he currently has to have dialysis treatment three times a week.

“What do you do while you’re having it?” I asked him.

“Council work” was the gruff reply.

He is also notable for not missing a meeting, despite his illness.

Cllr Todd (Homefields ward) logged 230 pieces of casework during the past year, with Cllr Joanna Biddolph (Chiswick Gunnersbury) coming a close second with 227 pieces of case work.

Cllr Jack Emsley (Homefields ward) came third, with 129 pieces of casework, and Labour councillor Amy Croft (Riverside) was close behind him, logging 120 pieces of casework.

Then comes Conservative Leader Cllr Peter Thompson (Riverside) with 71, Cllr Ranjt Gill (Chiswick Gunnersbury) with 51, Cllr Ron Mushiso (Chiswick Gunnersbury) with 46, Cllr Gerald McGregor (Homefields) with 42 and Cllr Gabriella Giles (Riverside) at the bottom of the table, with just 27 pieces of casework logged.

Cllr Jack Emsley

These figures do not include Fix My Street casework this year, which are the issues arising from problems reported with highways; they only reflect the amount of Hounslow Council casework. That explains why the figures are a little lower than last year, Cllr Jack Emsley told The Chiswick Calendar.

The figures do not show how much continuing work there is following on from each case either. The more complex a case, the more subsequent work it creates.

“It’s been another busy year as a Chiswick councillor,” said Jack, “and once again it’s been a privilege to fight the corner of local residents in Chiswick Homefields.

“With Hounslow Council’s housing maintenance backlog increasing by over 2,000% in the last 12 months, my inbox has seen a noticeable increase in cases related to housing, with a number of constituents suffering from damp and mould forced to turn to us as they simply can’t get through to Hounslow’s creaking housing department.

“Casework is of course only a part of what we do, but the reason I love this role is being able to use the casework system to advocate for the local community and solve real problems facing local residents.”

John Todd told The Chiswick Calendar:

“Most of the work has to do with housing; people with disabilities, tenants frustrated, locked in battle with the Council. There are quite a lot of boundary disputes.

“There’s a lot of anger still about the Grove Park [Lower Traffic Neighbourhood] scheme. It was meant to benefit locals, but there’s a small group of people from the other side of the A316 who if they just want to get to Chiswick Station have to go all the way round the A4 and down Sutton Court Road. We keep battling on, but the Council takes no notice.”

Hounslow Council’s lead traffic officer Jefferson Nwokeoma leaving the borough

Hounslow Council’s lead traffic officer Jefferson Nwokeoma is leaving. He is moving to a job in another borough in July. Usually council officers keep a low profile, as the Council prefers councillors to do the talking, but Jefferson has been dragged into the limelight several times when he has been asked to explain the Low Traffic Neighbourhood measures introduced in Chiswick.

Several times he has been faced with angry residents, unhappy with the changes, and he has tried hard to explain the rationale of his complicated system, not always convincingly, but we wish him well in his new job.

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