Fire stations remember Grenfell

Fire crews across London remembered the 72 lives lost in the Grenfell tower fire three years ago on Sunday (14 June). Churches across London, including St Nicholas Church at Chiswick Mall, rang their bells 72 times to mark those who died.

The Public Inquiry into the disaster has yet to conclude. Hearings were paused in March and are due to restart on 6 July. It is estimated that 56,000 people are still living in homes wrapped in the same flammable cladding as Grenfell. A Parliamentary committee has warned the cost of removing it nationwide would be up to £15bn.

Cllr Ron Mushiso, who marked the anniversary by visiting the site, said:

“We simply must do better as a society”.

He lived on the 11th floor in a similar block of flats to those around Grenfell for 16 years.

A crew from Chiswick Fire Station were some of the first on the scene at Grenfell Tower and rescued 14 people. Watch commander Alan Moore spoke to me about it a few days after it happened. You can read his interview on The Chiswick Calendar website.

When the Public Inquiry was opened, Jason Oliff, a station manager at Chiswick gave evidence. He had to give advice on that night to which there was “no right or wrong answer” and was faced with “impossible” decisions he said.

Picture credit: Part of Grenfell Tower, after the tragic fire, as seen from near Notting Hill Methodist Church, London. June 16, 2017. Photograph by Jon Chiral.

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