First Season Tickets sold

More than 400 supporters have already secured their Premium Season Tickets at our new stadium and will get exclusive access to a sports bar concourse, known as The Dugout. Our move to the new stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sit with friends and family. We expect The Dugout to sell out soon, so if you want to invite friends and family to watch the game with you next season, we strongly advise you to secure  a Season Ticket for them.

If your friends and family can’t attend all games, you may be able to resell your seat for specific games via our Ticket Exchange. More information about Tickets Exchange at our new stadium will be available in the coming months.

Adult prices are £690 and concessions £530. All Season Ticket prices and locations are available here with Premium Season Tickets referred to as Band P. We’ve been selling access to The Dugout to Season Ticket Holders who joined the waiting list**. Premium Season Tickets are selling fast but it’s not too late to register your interest online.

Join the waiting list for Premium Season Tickets here

A member of our team will be in touch to invite you to our Reservation Centre to purchase your Premium Season Ticket when it is your turn based on the following criteria.

More information about Premium Season Tickets can be found here and in our Frequently Asked Questions. In case you missed it, all other Season Tickets will be available from January 2020 and the detailed timeline can be found here.

*Season Ticket Holders will be able to buy two additional Season Tickets in the one purchase. These could be for new Season Ticket Holders, or fellow Season Ticket Holders who are in a lower priority window group. Season Ticket Holders can also group up with fellow Season Ticket Holders and their ‘plus two’s. This will allow you to team up with others that you want to sit with, up to a maximum group size of 12 – assuming your group contains at least four Season Ticket Holders. This will be strictly monitored and we reserve the right to amend this policy should sales exceed expectations. The make-up of your group may impact on where you can sit – larger groups with more new fans will need to move to less central locations to ensure that longer term fans are not unfairly displaced.
Subject to availability.