Four arrested in oil tanker protest at Chiswick roundabout

Image above: Just Stop Oil protest at Chiswick Roundabout; still from video by ITV News

Four people were arrested after a group of protesters glued themselves to an oil tanker at Chiswick roundabout on Thursday morning (14 April). The activists, from the Just Stop Oil group, were protesting against our reliance on fossil fulels.

The protesters held banners in the middle of the carriageway and climbed on top of the Eddie Stobart vehicle as the driver stopped at a red light. Some stood in front of the driver and told him his tanker was being ambushed while others scrambled on top.

The tanker was in the middle of three lanes and quickly surrounded by police, causing traffic james in all directions. The location was well chosen to disrupt traffic on the intersection of the M4 and the north – south circular at the beginning of Chiswick High Rd.

The protest closed Chiswick Roundabout between the A4 and M4 and created tailbacks along the M4 from J2 (Brentford),  along the south circular to Kew Retail Park, and along the north circular to Gunnersbury Park.

Image above: Just Stop Oil protest at Chiswick Roundabout; still from video by ITV News

Police used a crane to reach the protesters and get them down. It was over an hour before a specialist unit arrived with a hydraulic platform. Arresting them, they gave the protesters a safety harness, helmet and protective goggles to wear while they lifted them off the tanker.

Protestors published a video of the incident in which one described the scene in mock David Attenborough style:

“Welcome to Black Planet, with me your host, David Attenborough Jr Jr.

“Here we have the strange homosapiens that wear the yellow jackets and the black jackets [police]. They follow the orders knowing full well that the order that they’re given will ultimately kill everything they love.

“But instead, they continue to protect the cans of black death [fuel] that get carted around… because they just love money so goddamn much.”

Image above: Just Stop Oil protest at Chiswick Roundabout; still from video by ITV News

Drivers vox popped by ITV news expressed frustration that their journey was being delayed, but others appeared  supportive.

“Fair play, they’re not causing anyone any harm are they?” said one.

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