Four foot iguana found abandoned in Acton

Image above: Eddie Lizzard the iguana; photo by RSPCA

‘Eddie Izzard’ lucky to be alive

A four foot iguana has been found abandoned in Acton Green, by residents of Antrobus Road. The RSPCA say the reptile is “lucky to be alive”.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Jade Guthrie came and collected him and took him to a specialist facility. He has been nicknamed Eddie Lizzard by the expert exotic animal team at RSPCA Brighton, where he is now being housed.

Green iguanas come from the Caribbean and Central and South America, making it very difficult to look after iguanas properly in the UK without the use of expensive equipment to keep the animal comfortable. These types of iguanas can typically live up to 15 years old and grow to 1.5m long. Jade said:

“This beautiful reptile is incredibly lucky to be alive.

“Iguanas are endothermic which means they need warmth to survive, so when they are kept in this country they require a heat lamp. Being dumped in the cold in a box with just a blanket is totally unacceptable – had he not been found he would have been at death’s door before long.

“I’m keen to hear from anyone who might have some information about this iguana. They can contact me in confidence on 0300 123 8018.

“We know times are tough right now – but abandoning an animal is never acceptable. The RSPCA has launched a new cost of living hub to signpost owners to the lifelines which are available right now as prices rise, including specific advice for exotic animals like this iguana.”

Abandoned reptiles becoming more common, says the RSPCA

Eddie is not the first reptile to be found without his owner in Chiswick. In 2020, an ‘abandoned’ giant 5ft snake was found slithering around Chiswick before being rescued by the RSPCA.

RSPCA Brighton in West Sussex said abandonment of iguanas like Eddie was not unusual. The centre currently has ten other iguanas looking for homes, all of which were abandoned, unwanted or neglected. The charity is concerned the rising cost of living crisis and high energy bills is contributing to the creatures’ abandonment.

RSPCA Brighton Branch reptile rescue is the only dedicated reptile rescue within the RSPCA nationally. The team takes in reptiles in need from all over the country – animals rescued by the RSPCA’s inspectors, stow-aways from abroad, strays and neglected animals. Their aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome each exotic animal into the best possible environments to meet their needs.

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