Four people arrested at Pro-Palestinian protest at the Boat Race

Image ablve: Pro-Palestinian protesters at the finishing line of the Boat Race at Chiswick Bridge on Saturday; photograph Matthew Chattle, Alamy

“Swift and decisive action by officers also ensured that the annual Boat Race was not disrupted” say police

Four people were arrested at a Pro-Palestinian protest at Chiswick Bridge, the finish point of the Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race on Saturday (30 March).

Two men were arrested under section 1 of the Public Order Act 2023, for gluing themselves to Chiswick Bridge. Another two people were arrested near the Boat Race, under section 2 of the Public Order Act 2023, for ‘being equipped to lock on’, according to the Metropolitan Police.

The Police say they became aware in the run up to the Boat Race that protestors ‘may have been seeking to take action to disrupt the annual men’s and women’s Boat Race’ and they ‘took action to prevent what could have resulted in serious disruption to the Boat Race.’

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Andy Valentine, who was in charge of overseeing policing across London for the Easter weekend, said:

“Swift and decisive action by officers also ensured that the annual Boat Race was not disrupted for spectators at home and abroad.”

As it turned out, sewage in the river was more of an issue than the protesters.

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In a statement published on Saturday, the Met say ‘police dispersal powers were used to ensure that the race concluded without any interruption.’

Image above: Still from YouTube video footage from The Independent from Saturday’s pro-Palestinian march (30 March 2024)

Mass protest in central London

The protest at the Boat Race was one of around 100 pro-Palestinian rallies which took place across the UK in a day of national action.

Thousand of people marched in central London to oppose the scale of destruction in Gaza by Israeli forces, calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. Protesters marched from Russel Square to Trafalgar Square during the 11th National March for Palestine.

There was also a counter demonstration by pro-Israel demonstrators at the Strand.

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