Fox saved from the river by passing kayaker

5 August, 2020 / by Matt Smith

On Monday August 3, a kayaker rescued a fox which had entered the Thames near Battersea Reach. The fox was struggling to keep his head above the water, but kayaker Phil Walmer, who was passing, managed to save it. The fox then sat meekly in the kayak until the local RNLI, Chiswick Lifeboat was able to come and collect him.

‘Safe and well’

The Chiswick Calendar spoke to Mark Pusey, a crewman for Chiswick Lifeboat.

“What happened was we got called by the coast guard telling us that there was a dog in the water by Battersea Reach by Sainsbury’s jetty which is on our patch” Mark said.

“Somebody had seen a dog in the water and there weren’t sure whether a lifeboat would come to or not”.

“After a while it went away and we got a call saying don’t respond. Then we got a call five minute later saying actually it’s still in the water”.

“By the time we were there, a kayaker, Mr Walmer, had gotten the fox into his kayak – with a little bit of jiggling – we arrived on scene and took the fox out of the kayak and were liaising with the fire brigade who were on land side”.

“The RSPCA had got there by that time too, so they passed us a cage, we popped it in the cage and then popped it over to the RSPCA”.

“They looked after it, did some checks on it and made sure it was nice and healthy and then released it later that night it its local area.”

“So it was all good and fine in the end it was all safe and well.”

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