Fraudsters target Chiswick ATMs warn Hounslow Police

Police in Hounslow have issued a warning to people using cash machines in Chiswick to watch out for ‘Lebanese loops’, a thin strip of metal or plastic which blocks the card slot of an ATM machine.

Image above: Tweet posted by Metropolitan Police in Hounslow

When someone puts their card in the machine the loop stops it being ejected, so the customer thinks the machine has retained the card. When the card holder has left, the fraudster retrieves it.

Scammers get people’s PIN numbers by peering over their shoulder, or by offering to help to the person whose card has been retained, encouraging them to re-enter their PIN a number of times so they can learn what it is.

If your card is retained due to a loop, your account will not be debited. You are advised to contact your bank immediately.

The scam is called the Lebanese loop because it reportedly originated with crime gangs in that country but is now seen all over the world.

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