From Aberdeen to Truro, FOI request finds the biggest group of drivers fined for driving into Grove Park from the A316 are from outside London

As the debate continues as to how best to restrict traffic which is driving through residential areas, a Freedom of Information request has revealed that by far the largest percentage of those people fined for turning off the A316 into Hartington Rd by Chiswick Bridge between June and September came from outside London.

If you take that turning into Grove Park, you pass a large sign saying: ’No Motor Vehicles Except Permit Holders’. Hounslow Council was asked to produce the postcodes of those who’d been given penalty notices.

Image above: Chart showing where drivers fined for driving on Hartington Rd between 1 June and 16 September are based

Between Tuesday 1 June and Thursday 16 September (108 days) there were 12,895 PCNs issued – an average of 119 per day. A staggering 33.4% came from outside London, from places as far away as Aberdeen and Truro. Among the drivers who came from outside London, the biggest single postcode group were from Slough (3.5%).

Within London, most vehicles came from a SW postcode area (14.1%). Of those the biggest percentage came from Putney (3.6%), perhaps reflecting the impact of the closure of Hammersmith Bridge to vehicles.

A slightly smaller number (12.2%) were from TW postcode areas. Of those, the biggest percentage (2.1%) came from TW9 (Richmond, Kew, N Sheen).

West London postcodes, excluding W4, accounted for 9.1%. Of those, the biggest percentage (2.6%) were from Acton.

Other London postcodes (not listed on chart above) accounted for 13.6%. Of those, the biggest percentage came from Willesden.

W4 postcodes accounted for 7.6% fines.

There is a pattern of postcodes belonging to drivers coming from their home address (SW and TW postcodes south of the river) and drivers going to their home address in locations near the major road network (Slough, Uxbridge, Hayes, Acton, Willesden) cutting through Grove Park as a shortcut between A316 and A4.

Images above: warning signs on Hartingdon Rd

Between £0.84M to £1.68M raised in revenue

Looking at the money raised from this by LB Houslow, depending how quickly people paid, the fines in this period would have generated between £0.84M to £1.68M. The fine is £130, discounted to £65 if paid within 14 days.

No mercy

It appears the Road Traffic Charging Adjudicators have shown little mercy in letting people off fines. In law ‘I didn’t know’ is not considered an excuse.

Looking at an earlier time period this year, according to there were 141 appeals for PCNs issued between 16 Feb 21 and 18 May 21. Of these 122 appeals were refused (86.5%) and only 19 appeals allowed. One reason given for cancelling the fine was administrative error. Another was if the sign was obscured by vegetation.

The various Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes in Strand on the Green and Grove Park have been sent back to Cabinet by the Oversight and Scrutiny committee to be reconsidered, after Chiswick councillors objected to the latest modifications, announced in August and Committee members received hundreds of emails from local residents. The Cabinet is due to discuss them on Tuesday 19 October.

Images above: warning signs on Hartingdon Rd

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