Fuller’s holds craft beer festival

Chiswick has added another festival to its annual calendar of events. We have music, theatre and books covered, now we have a beer festival in the mix. Unlike the Oktoberfest – huge jugs of German beer swilled down in a marquee with frauleins in yellow wigs and an oompah band – the emphasis here will be the quality and variety of local London brews, as it is a coming together of more than forty of London’s best breweries under the umbrella of the London Brewers’ Alliance.

What could be more fitting for a location where there has been brewing on site since the seventeenth century? The only question is why has a piss-up in a brewery taken so long to organise? John Keeling, Fuller’s Global Ambassador and Chairman of the LBA, says: “This is something I have wanted to see since my first day at the brewery – thirty-something years ago. A bit like a good beer – these things should be done right and cannot be rushed”.

The London Brewers’ Alliance Craft Beer Festival takes place next Saturday 23 June from 1pm – 7pm at the Griffin Brewery.

For beer drinker Dewi Wyn Morgan, a festival celebrating so many craft brewers, not in east London but on our doorstep, is well worth waiting for. Read his blog in the This Is Chiswick section of The Chiswick Calendar website.