Gabby Logan reveals the highly embarrassing moment an intimate picture of her giving birth was put on show in Chiswick High Rd

Displayed in Snappy Snaps window for all to see

TV presenter Gabby Logan has revealed how an intimate picture of her giving birth, quite clearly showing her son’s head emerging from her vagina, was put on show for all to see in Chiswick High Road.

Laughing about it now (some 18 years on) on podcast Where there’s a will, there’s a wake, she recounted the tale of how her husband, former Scotland rugby union international Kenny Logan, had taken the photograph without her knowing and she had unwittingly taken the film to Snappy Snaps in Chiswick High Rd to be developed, in the days when that was how it was done.

Gabby, who lives nearby and is still a regular customer at Snappy Snaps on the High Rd, said she was mortified to find the picture had been on display and that strangers had been able to have “a good old stare”. She now keeps the photograph “locked away”, she says. “That’s the thing I’d least like anybody to find in the house.”

Why would Snappy Snaps have put it in the window? These days they have vibrant pictures of families on holiday in exotic places and pets in nice frames, to show off the printing and framing options, but back then they wanted to show off the instant printing technique after which the nationwide chain is named.

The printer used to be in the window and as the prints came out they were on display as they were drying.

At the time, Gabby had more important things to think about, as she had twins and lost a lot of blood in the process. Her husband didn’t tell her about the photograph and she only discovered it when she got the pack of photographs home.

“I don’t know what he was thinking”, she said. “My son came out first – I had twins – and my daughter came out second. And he took a picture of my son’s head emerging.

“He didn’t tell me because afterwards we had a 20 minute wait, then Lois came out, and she was born. Then I lost half the blood in my body and I was rushed into the theatre and there was a bit of drama. And he had forgotten to tell me that he had taken this picture, so I took the film to Snappy Snaps a few weeks later.

“I was mortified to see that everybody on Chiswick High Raod had had a good old stare at my vagina with Reuben’s head.”

The phone in Snappy Snaps has been buzzing with inquiries about the story from journalists but John Fitzgerald, the manager, has been forbidden by the nationwide company to talk about it.

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