Garages in Chiswick set to be replaced with affordable housing

Image above: proposed buildings at Oxford Court and Garth Court (left to right)

LB Hounslow are set to approve the demolition of two garage blocks in Chiswick to make away for affordable housing.

A planning application was submitted to the council for the demolition of 23 single storey car garages at Oxford Court, Wellesley Road to make way for a three storey building to provide nine flats. A second application has been submitted for the demolition of 12 single storey garages at Garth Court to build a part-three, part-two-storey building to provide two houses.

Hounslow planners are recommending the planning committee grant both applications on Thursday (30 June), subject to conditions, despite “significant public objection” to the proposed building at Oxford Court. The Garth Court application, which received six objections, is being considered on the same date following a call in from Chiswick Gunnersbury ward councillor Joanna Biddolph.

Both buildings are designed and located to ensure they would not detract from the character and appearance of the area, planners say. They add the new homes would not “unacceptably harm neighbours living conditions” or, in the Garth Court case, impact on the Turnham Green Conservation Area.

Planners say both buildings would be highly sustainable, with the Oxford Court build achieving a 92% reduction in emissions and the second set of homes achieving net-zero carbon with the proposed energy strategy.

Both proposals are part of the ‘Chiswick Small Sites’ project. For the project, LB Hounslow have identified multiple small sites, including garage sites, owned by the Council that have the potential to be redeveloped for affordable homes. The council hopes the project will provide “good quality, affordable homes for people on a range of incomes”.

Images above: existing site (Photo: Google Maps), the proposed structure at Oxford Court (Photo: Chiswick Small Sites)

Oxford Court, Wellesley Road

The site is in the Chiswick Gunnersbury ward (previously Turnham Green ward) and consists of a roughly rectangular shaped plot of land located to the east of Oxford Road North. There are 23 garages arranged parallel within the 1,200 sqm site, on the northern and southern site boundaries.

Residential properties are densely packed surround the site, which is partly why the planning application has received so many objections.

To the south is Oxford Court, which contains 36 homes across two, three storey buildings. To the north there are are three-storey semi-detached properties on Oxford Road North. The garden of one of these homes runs along the site’s northern boundary. To the east and north east there are multiple three-storey flat buildings within Chaseley Drive, a gated community with 61 dwellings.

LB Hounslow consulted 396 neighbouring properties by letter in October 2021 and site notice was posted in December 2021. LB Hounslow received 39 objections in total, including fears of overdevelopment of the subject site and local ares; increases in noise pollution; disturbances during construction; loss of daylight/sunlight, privacy, outlook and an increased sense of enclosure; increased stress on local parking, harm to highway safety and loss of trees.

Planners have largely dismissed these concerns and say the site is located in a residential area and is considered a suitable location for additional housing. They say logistics plans will be put in place to minimise noise and disruption to neighbours during construction and cite impact assessments regarding daylight loss and overdevelopment concerns.

The loss of garages, planners say, “would not result in an unacceptable amount of displaced parking”. They also say despite two trees being cut down, a further seven will be planted.

Other concerns and responses from planners can be found here:

Images above: Garth Court existing site (Google Maps), 3D model of proposed building (Photo: Hounslow Democratic Services)

Garth Court

The site is on the corner of Garth Rd and the A4 (Ellesmere Rd) to the east of Sutton Court Rd and houses 12 single storey garages in two rows of six. The 370 sqm site is surrounded by predominantly residential buildings, with a mixture of two-storey, detached and terraced properties as well as three-storey flat blocks.

The garage site is bordered on its northern side by the flank wall of properties on Garth Road, to the west by 1-6 Garth Court. A line of (mostly conifer) trees, along the grass verge, extends the full length of Garth Court. There are two Norway Maple trees at the front and side of the site.

Proposals for the site involve demolishing the existing garages and in their place erecting a part-three-storey, part-two storey building comprising a semi-detached pair of houses.

The new building will consist of a two-bedroom, three person dwelling on the northern half and a five-bedroom, six person dwelling with associated cycle storage, landscaping and waste and recycling storage at ground floor. Each home would have its own front and rear garden as well as a private balcony on the first floor.

LB Hounslow notified 28 neighbours letter on 18 January and a site notice was posted on 3 March. Six objections (from three properties) were received.

Local residents objected to the application with similar reasons to the Oxford Court proposal. One person took issue with the Small Sites Programme and objected to affordable housing being built. Others said the design would harm appearance of the area; the height would impact neighbours and their privacy; the loss of garage parking would increase traffic; the loss of trees would harm local ecology and consultation period was insufficient.

Planners have again dismissed these concerns in their report to the committee. Planners say the building’s design is considered acceptable and would not unacceptably affect neighbour’s living conditions. “Acceptable” levels of parking would be maintained after building and six replacement trees will be planted in place of one tree which will be removed. Planners also highlighted that statutory consultation requirements had been met.

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