Garden Centres Reopen

The Government announced this week that garden centres could reopen as of Wednesday (13 May).

Wheelers garden centre, beside the tube station on Turnham Green terrace reopens today (Friday 15 May). Their policy will be to let in only two customers at a time. Their garden maintenance company reopens on Monday, with limited staff. Those who have vulnerable family members  will remain on furlough.

Only maintenance staff who can drive will visit customers, each in their own van, and they will only be able to work at houses which have back or side access. They won’t be walking through people’s houses to get to the back garden.

Image above: Plants on sale at Osterley garden centre

Osterley garden centre, opposite Osterley House, reopened on Wednesday. From the car park onwards there’s a carefully laid out route  to enable social distancing, but one customer told me:

“I find it staggering how many people there were there who you would class as ‘vulnerable’ – older, overweight, ethnic minorities who were seemingly oblivious to the danger of catching Covid-19, not wearing masks, barging past you to get to a plant”.

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