GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

You like me have probably been bombarded with emails about the new General Data Protection Regulation. As far as I can ascertain from reading the guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office, we don’t need to ask you to re-subscribe because the system we’ve used from the start meets the criteria set out in the new regulations.

Subscribers to The Chiswick Calendar take affirmative action when you email us or fill out the form on the website to say you would like to receive these newsletters. To receive the club card you have to go a step further and tick a box which brings up the form asking you for your address for us to deliver your card. (Which is why ironically I think so many people email us to say they’ve subscribed but haven’t received their card! There’s a second step!)

If you are already a subscriber but don’t have a club card and would like one, just fill out the subscriber’s form again and this time tick the club card box and give us your address. The form is here. If you would like to unsubscribe from this newsletter there’s a link at at the top and bottom of every newsletter.

We are now reviewing our storage of data to make sure that also complies with GDPR.