Volunteer Chiswick: GoodGoingOut

GoodGoingOut is a non-profit-making organisation in Chiswick which helps older residents get a bit more enjoyment out of life. It puts on a range of activities and also organises transport, as often it is the inability to travel independently which prevents elderly people from going out.

The aim is to prevent elderly people from feeling helpless and isolated by allowing them to meet others and attend outings by minibus, to places such as garden centres and pubs for lunch. Goodgoingout uses volunteer drivers and are particularly looking for those experienced in driving minibuses. Such is the nature of social isolation that the people who are most in need of these services may not get to hear about them, so GoodGoingOut are always interested also in introductions to potential clients.

Contact GoodGoingOut

Telephone: 07484 669949
Website: goodgoingout

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