Grenfell Inquiry

The last of the survivors of the Grenfell fire to give evidence at the Grenfell Inquiry did so on Friday. 

Andreia Perestrelo and her husband Marcio Gomes were among those to recall the events of that night. Mario called 999 as he made his way down from the 21st floor. He told the Inquiry how he had become separated from his wife and his two daughters. At one point he realised his girls were behind him when they had been initially in front. When the recording of the 999 call was played in court he could be heard shouting “Girls, come on, follow my voice.”

When his call came in, the fireman in the control room in charge of passing information from 999 calls to firefighters at the scene was Jason Oliff, a station manager at Chiswick. He gave evidence to the inquiry in July about how Mr Gomes, who was having trouble breathing in the smoke-filled stairwell, had asked the operator for advice. “I told the operator ‘tell him to go back and get his daughters’ he said. “I knew in saying this, that the male probably wouldn’t survive, but my thinking was that if it was me, I wouldn’t want to get out of that tower without my family and live with that for the rest of my life.”  It was an “impossible decision” he told the Inquiry, with “no right or wrong answer”.

On Friday Mr Gomes recalled turning around and starting to make his way back up to find his daughters. Mr Gomes told the inquiry: “I was panicking at that point because on the way down on the stairwell we had to go over bodies. “I stepped on some. I tripped… I tripped up on some. “So I started thinking that… that the bodies that I stepped over was my wife and my daughter. “So that’s why I kept shouting for my wife and wanted to go back up the stairs and find them. “I didn’t know where they were.”

In the event Mr and Mrs Gomes and their two daughters escaped with help from firefighters but their unborn son Logan was stillborn in hospital as a result of the smoke; the youngest of the fire’s 72 victims.

Firefighters from Chiswick were some of the first on the scene, though Mr Oliff was working from Stratford on the night of the fire.