Understanding the traffic plans for Grove Park

Signatures to a petition against the introduction of radical traffic measures south of the A4 by Hounslow Council have reached 948 in just over a week.

The plans are designed to try and stop vehicles using the area as a cut through to avoid Hogarth roundabout and the A4. But many local people regard them as inconvenient and are irritated by the lack of consultation by the Council. Residents were consulted, in that Hounslow asked people for their ideas and concerns last autumn, but they have not been consulted on the proposals put together by the council’s traffic team as a result of that initial dialogue.

The changes are being introduced under emergency measures given to councils by the government to encourage walking and cycling, as a reaction to the Covi-19 emergency. Council leader Steve Curran told The Chiswick Calendar “there is no time” to consult because they will lose the opportunity to bid for Government funding if they delay, and that the changes are in any case temporary. They will be an opportunity, he says to voice concerns and objections once the scheme has had a chance to operate for a few months and people can see what it’s actually like.

Meanwhile conversations in Grove Park and Strand on the Green have taken on the format of an old pub drinking game I used to play. “Can I drive from this place to that place”, as locals scratch their heads and try and understand what the changes will mean for them personally. As with the pub game, there will be forfeits if you get it wrong.

Image above: Map of south Chiswick showing traffic measures LB Hounslow plans to introduce

Where will I be able to drive?

From what The Chiswick Calendar understands from Hounslow’s senior engineer Tom Sharland, these are answers to the most often asked questions:

Q: Can I turn left from the A316 into Hartington Rd by Chiswick Bridge?

A: Only if you have a pre-registered licence plate proving that you live in the ‘CS’ and ‘RV’ controlled parking zones.

Q: Where can I turn left into Grove Park from the A316?

A: It depends on the time of day. Staveley Rd beside Chiswick School would become a ‘School street’ so access would be restricted at peak times. At those times the earliest opportunity to turn left into Grove Park, when driving up from Chiswick Bridge would be Burlington Lane.

Q: Can I drive from Chiswick Bridge to Kew Bridge and out on to the South Circular?

A: No, not even if you’re a resident. The stretch of Thames Rd from the river bend by Riverview Rd to Kew Bridge will be controlled by cameras set to a timer. If you live in the area you will have access to your house and everyone has access to the shops and the pubs, but you can’t drive straight through.

Q: Can I drive along Staveley Road from Sutton Court Rd to Burlington Lane or vice versa?

A: No. A new diagonal barrier will mean that when you get to Park Rd (in either direction) you will have to turn left, to stop drivers speeding through Staveley Rd as a cut through.

Q: Can I exit Harvard Hill onto the A4?

A: No

Q: Can I drive along Edensor Road?

A: Edensor Rd will be a ‘School street’. Access will be restricted between the A316 and Edensor Gardens at school drop off and pick up times. The exact extent of the closure is still being considered.

Q: Can I drive along Staveley Rd from the A316 to Burlington Lane?

A: That part of Staveley Rd will be a ‘School street’. Access will be restricted at school drop off and pick up times. Existing bus access is proposed to remain unchanged.

Q: Can I drive along Grove Park Terrace?

A: Grove Park Terrace will be a ‘School street’. Access will be restricted at school drop off and pick up times, but resident access to properties will be maintained at all times.

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There is a shocking amount of traffic which just snakes through the area at the moment as a cut through to avoid Hogarth roundabout. A staggering 70% traffic in Grove Park and Strand on the Green is through traffic. Michael Robinson has put together a map for The Chiswick Calendar which summarises visually the traffic data which was collected in last autumn’s research.

To click on his map go here.

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