Grove Park residents woken late at night by noisy Lime bike operators

Image above: Lime bikes being loaded into a van in Grove Park in the early hours of the morning; Brenda Pritchard via Nextdoor

Residents angered by late-night activity by Lime bike operators replacing bike batteries

Lime, the electric bike sharing company which recently rolled out a fleet of bikes in Chiswick and Brentford, have promised “no further disruptions” after waking residents in Grove Park in the middle of the night replacing bike batteries.

One resident, Brenda Pritchard took to Nextdoor to express her frustration. A video she recorded shows a man loading Lime bikes into a white van, clanging the bikes as he goes. The video ends showing a line of Lime bikes pictured with their front lights on at maximum, with one pointed in the direction of Brenda’s home. Brenda asked:

“Has anyone had this problem? We have had bike bays installed outside our house, and since they’ve been running we’ve been woken in the early hours of the morning by a man in a transit van. Who arrives around 2.00am doors banging, then starts taking the bikes one at a time into the back of the van I think to recharge them, It’s all very loud and noisy.”

“He then turns the lights on the bikes parks then outside our front door until he’s finished, then puts them all back in the bay. I really feel this not acceptable. If this where [sic] a mechanic working in the night in residential area he would be fined.”

Image above: Lime bikes being loaded into a van in Grove Park in the early hours of the morning; Brenda Pritchard via Nextdoor

Noise “woke four households up”

Others responded saying they had experienced the same, with Peter Wilkinsonwriting that a van arrived at 2.00am and “banged around.” He added:

“The other week a bike van had its radio full on at about 1.00am. Then there is the noise from youths playing on the bikes 12 midnight onwards. Weekends mostly.”

Eleanor, another Grove Park resident, said she was one of four households who had been woken up by bikes being replaced in the middle of the night. Responding to Brenda’s post, Eleanor said:

“Yes we have had the same problem. Please complain to the Hounslow noise team and Lime, it was driving me mad (we are a Staveley Rd drop off and neighbours in Lawford Rd have the same problem).

“Our nightly visits, as I call them, have reduced – since we complained, I’ve been told they need feedback to assess their trial, if we don’t let them know, this will be permanent. I was worried I was the only one complaining but I found out from my neighbours it woke four households up.”

Lime “taking action” to prevent disturbances, says Cllr Katherine Dunne

The Chiswick Calendar asked Councillor Katherine Dunne, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Climate, Environment and Transport, whether the contract the Council has with Lime allows them to work overnight in residential areas. The short answer is yes, it does, at least it does not specifically prevent it.
She said:“Our trial lime bikes scheme has been a great success so far with over 30,000 trips either starting or ending in the borough over the course of the first three weeks.

“Our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Lime requires them to have a range of minimum service levels they have to maintain in order to ensure safe and effective running of the scheme (eg. ensuring a good distribution/availability of bikes, ensuring these are in good working order and collection of any abandoned bikes etc).

“It is Lime’s responsibility that any deployment and redistribution processes are conducted in as environmentally friendly manner as possible, with particular regard to the vehicles and methods used for redistribution and the time of day it is conducted at.

“Where noise complaints are being raised, we have seen Lime taking appropriate action to ensure they are no longer causing a disturbance. If any resident is experiencing noise issues, they should write to and copy their complaint to and we will ensure this is followed up with Lime.”

Responding to Brenda Pritchard’s specific complaint, a spokesperson from Lime said:

“Lime offers emission free travel to thousands of Londoners every day and has become an integral part of people’s daily routines. To meet this growing demand, we have an on-the-ground team responsible for swapping vehicle batteries around the clock to ensure there is maximum availability whatever time of day it might be – from early commutes during unsociable hours, to the school pick-up.

class=””>”This complaint has been shared with our local operations team to ensure that there are no further disruptions, and we encourage any residents to contact with any issues and we’ll ensure to attend to their request.”