Grow your own vegetables

Image above: A daily average harvest from Rose & Steve’s allotment last year

Rose Lewis gives some pointers on how to start a vegetable patch

Seed sales have gone mad. The combination of people being on lock down at home, vague concern about food security (though the shops are full of fresh fruit and veg atow) and that fact that it’s spring – planting time – has tempted many people to start a vegetable patch.

But where to start ?

Rose Lewis has had an allotment in Chiswick for several years. The image above gives you an idea of the average daily yield of her plot. The two things she is most often asked by friend are: what can I grow and how long will it take?

Read her first guest blog for The Chiswick Calendar. She gives some tips to start you growing and a few recommended vegetables to start with, including ‘super-fast growing veg that you could harvest within three weeks and super easy vegetables that literally anyone can grow’.

Vegetable patch blog 1: Keep Calm and Grow your own