Guerilla Gardening Awards

It’s funny isn’t it how creating an image on a public wall is considered vandalism but planting an area of public waste ground merits an award. ‘Guerilla gardening’ is all the rage and there’s quite a lot of it about in Chiswick.

Stile Hall Gardens

In 2016 Abundance London decided to create an award for the person or group that had done most to improve or create an unofficial garden around the Chiswick area.

“Guerrilla gardening” includes tree pits, small dilapidated areas, and also ‘gardens where the local community has asked permission from the council or landowner and taken responsibility to create something of worth – beautiful and biodiverse – that could create pleasure for passersby and maybe a tiny habitat for wildlife’.

They invited people to send in nominations, some of which you can see on The Chiswick Calendar website. The winners will be announced next week.

Featured image by Banksy