Gunnersbury Park announces changes to event management after complaints

Image: Waterworks festival taking place in Gunnersbury Park in 2022

Dedicated noise complaint hotline among new measures

Gunnersbury Park has announced management changes for the upcoming summer programme of events, including plans to ‘minimise disruption’ following a number of complaints by local people.

Residents have previously called for stricter noise limits on concerts at Gunnersbury Park and concerns about anti-social behaviour during the events has become a common theme in meetings between police and local people.

Image: Lovebox festival at the park in 2019

Summer programme “crucial to the upkeep of the park”

Julia Mattingley, Head of Operations & Commercial at Gunnersbury said:

“We understand that our summer events programme may not be welcomed by everyone, and we are committed to addressing concerns and ensuring a positive experience for all.

“This year, we have implemented several enhancements to sound management, facilities, and signage to minimise disruption and improve the overall event experience for residents and visitors.

“The Summer Programme at Gunnersbury is crucial for the upkeep of the park. The events provide vital income to enable the Gunnersbury Museum and Park Development Trust to maintain the estate and continue serving our community.”

Profits help to cover grounds maintenance and management of trees and water features in the Grade II* registered parkland, conservation of the Museum, Orangery, and Temple heritage buildings, as well as specific improvement projects, such as the current improvement works to park pathways.

This year, Gunnersbury Park aims to raise £1.35 million in income through commercial activities to support the ongoing maintenance and operations of the park.

Image: Gunnersbury Park by Jennifer Griffiths

Better sound management and more toilets promised

Key improvements for 2024 include:

  • Enhanced sound management – Gunnersbury Park has commissioned an independent acoustic consultancy to review events from 2023 and address complaints received from local residents and councils. This year, additional acoustic professionals will be present at each of the events carrying out an extra layer of sound monitoring, specifically implementing recommendations to reduce bass frequencies and minimise noise disruption. The dedicated resident Noise & Complaint line: 0203 781 0001.
  • Additional toilet facilities and signage – In response to feedback, there will be increased toilet facilities and signage for park events, enhancing convenience and comfort for event-goers.
  • Enhanced crowd management – To improve crowd management and minimise disturbance to residents, Gunnersbury Park will be building on the success of 2023 and continue to provide additional exit routes for attendees, ensuring smooth and orderly dispersal after events, and utilising alternative transport hubs to relieve the impact on Acton Town Tube station.
  • Community engagement – Gunnersbury Park is committed to fostering open dialogue and transparency with the community and our neighbours. Public consultation meetings will provide residents with the opportunity to discuss events directly with us, share feedback, and learn about the projects and benefits for the local community.

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