Halifax Chiswick High Rd branch to close

Image above: Halifax at 366-368 Chiswick High Road

Halifax set to join Santander and Barclays on list of former High Rd banks

Halifax is the latest financial institution on Chiswick High Road to decide it will not longer trade in the High Rd. The Chiswick branch is on the list for planned closures.

The branch, located at 366-368 Chiswick High Road, is set to close its doors on 1 November, and the decision by Halifax follows the closure of Barclays in 2022, and Santander which closed in the summer of 2021.

Halifax say the decision to close the branch is because fewer people now use it, based on an analysis carried out up to March this year, looking back at the past four years. The bank is urging its customers to switch to the branch on King Street in Hammersmith, if they need to go into a branch.

According to Halifax, only 79 customers regularly used the Chiswick branch during the 12 months leading up to March. Both branch visits and cash machine usage have experienced a significant drop. Visits to the branch have decreased by over 50% since 2018, and ATM withdrawals are down by 43%. It is unclear how Halifax defines ‘regularly’ to determine the number of customers.

The bank states that 64% of the Chiswick branch’s customers also use other Halifax branches; and 78% use other branches, online banking, or telephone banking.

Approximately 13% of the branch’s customers are aged 75 or over.

Halifax say they have shared the closure plans for this branch with LINK, who, on behalf of the Cash Action Group, have independently assessed the access to cash needs of the local community. There are three free cash machines located within a short walk of the soon-to-be-closed branch.

Recently, a Banking Hub was inaugurated on Acton High Street, allowing customers of six major high street banks to conduct in-person transactions. Halifax is not currently participating in this initiative.

Previous bank branches which have closed on the High Road include Barclays, which closed last year in 2022, and Santander which closed in the summer of 2021.