Hammersmith and Fulham bans e-scooters and motorbikes from Thames Path

Image above: A H&F Law Enforcement Officer explaining the new rules to an e-scooter user

Motorcycles, e-scooters, segways, quadbikes and hoverboards banned

Hammersmith and Fulham Council have banned motorised vehicles from from being used on Thames Path. A Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) has been implemented, affecting the stretch between Miller’s Court on Chiswick Mall to Chelsea Harbour in Sands End.

The PSPO prohibits the use of motorbikes, e-scooters, segways, quad bikes, and hoverboards within the specified riverside footway. Pedal bikes and electrically assisted pedal bikes are exempt from the restrictions, in line with the Council’s commitment to promoting active travel.

The decision to implement these measures came after a thorough public consultation, which received an overwhelming response with over 1,200 participants. An impressive 70% of respondents expressed their support for restrictions on motorised transport in this area.

Interestingly, 31.8% of those surveyed supported a complete ban on cycling, but the council opted not to include pedal bikes in the restrictions, emphasising their stance on encouraging active travel.

The PSPO officially came into effect on 18 October and is slated to remain in force for a duration of three years. While the new regulations are stringent, there are exemptions for individuals with disabilities or long-term health conditions who rely on motorised vehicles as mobility aids. Furthermore, parents or caregivers using motorised bikes to transport children are also granted exceptions.

Cllr Rebecca Harvey, Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Social Inclusion, said:

“The new regulations will help prevent inconsiderate behaviours and prioritise pedestrian safety along this beautiful riverside pathway.” This move aims to strike a balance between ensuring access for all while preserving the tranquillity and safety of this popular riverside route.