Hammersmith & Chiswick Parliamentary candidates

Image: Our election graphic of William Hogarth voting

Eight candidates to choose from on July 4

There are eight candidates vying for the newly formed Hammersmith & Chiswick constituency in the 2024 general election on 4 July. Representing a mix of long-standing political experience and fresh perspectives, each candidate hopes to convince voters they know which critical issues matter most to the electorate.

With the new boundary changes Andy Slaughter, previously the MP for Hammersmith with a majority of 17,000 at the last election, has inherited three Chiswick wards which have traditionally voted Conservative in local elections, suggesting the new constituency will be less of a safe Labour seat.

But in this election, where current polling shows Labour has retained a 20% lead over the Conservatives, Andy Slaughter is projected to win comfortably, with 60% of the vote.

The Chiswick Calendar is hoping to interview all the Parliamentary candidates for the Hammersmith & Chiswick constituency, in-depth interviews which we will be publishing soon. Here is a brief introduction to each of the candidates.

The eight candidates running are: Bill Colegrave – Rejoin EU; Andrew Dinsmore – Conservatives; Scott Dore – Workers’ Revolutionary Party; Raj Gill – Workers’ Party of Britain; Louise Petano-Heathcote – Reform; Eraj Rostaqi – Liberal Democrats; Naranee Ruthra-Rajan – Green Party; and Andy Slaughter – Labour Party.

Images: Bill Colegrave, Rejoin Eu logo

Bill Colegrave – Rejoin EU

In a statement to voters, Bill Colegrave said:

“There is now a broad consensus that Brexit has damaged and diminished the country. There is no value in recriminations. Let’s take responsibility for the error and seek to reverse it.”

He told The Chiswick Calendar:

“As far as we can see, the European Union would be very pleased to have us back. I mean the European Union is stronger with us than without us. Re-entry is much easier than getting out was.

“It does go through phases where the barriers are dropped. But the two big problems really in terms of trade are the huge administrative difficulties about selling things into Europe compared to how they were when we were in the Single Market and the tariffs and controls.”

Images: Andrew Dinsmore, Conservatives logo

Andrew Dinsmore – Conservative Party

Andrew Dinsmore is a criminal barrister and a councillor on Hammersmith & Fulham Council. He made headlines earlier this year for his role in a petition to the Home Office to ban “zombie” knives in the UK. What are the strengths he would bring to being MP for Hammersmith & Chiswick? Andrew told The Chiswick Calendar:

“I’m a trained barrister I spent my career advising people and then representing them and giving them advice in court. I’ll be able to do the same in Parliament. Also in my role as a barrister I am self-employed, so I know very well how to manage my diary, how to manage commitments, how to manage time. How to make sure to give enough time to every facet of the job that’s required.”

Images: Scott Dore, Workers Revolutionary Party logo

Scott Dore – Workers’ Revolutionary Party

The Workers’ Revolutionary Party, separate from George Galloway’s Worker’s Party, is fielding a candidate in Hammersmith & Chiswick. The party’s key manifesto pledges include:

  • Condemn Israel’s war on Gaza and its impact on global politics and imperialism;
  • Criticise US policy and its effect on Biden’s re-election campaign and student opposition;
  • Highlight the spread of student opposition to Israel in the UK and worldwide;
  • Emphasise international isolation of Israel and recognition of Palestine.
  • Advocate for the UK to recognise Palestine and end support for Israel;
  • Criticise UK austerity measures and their effects on public services and workers; call for a general strike and the establishment of a workers’ government and socialist economy.

Images: Raj Gill (centre-right), Workers’ Party of Britain logo

Raj Gill – Workers’ Party of Britain

Raj Gill is standing for George Galloway’s Worker’s Party of Britain. Some of the Party’s key priorities include calling for an unconditional ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict as as well as recognition of a Palestinian state.

The party is also committed to “the redistribution of wealth and power in favour of working people” and to the “reversal of policies aimed at deindustrialisation & to exploring innovative demands for workers control and participation in the future of industry through our trade unions.”

On the campaign trail, Raj Gill said:

“My background speaks for itself — I have been a tireless defender of working class people my entire life. I have fought for a long time and spoke out for the people of Palestine. I demand a ceasefire.

“I have dedicated over 50 years of my life as a Trade Unionist, and have been all across The South of our country, fighting for regular working class people. For all kinds of issues; pay, housing, equality, and everything in-between.

“A vote for me is a vote for a man with a strong, solid background in politics.”

Images: Louise Petano-Heathcote, Reform UK logo

Louise Petano-Heathcote – Reform UK

Nigel Farage’s party Reform UK is also fielding a candidate. Louise Petano-Heathcote’s background is in asset management. In her online electoral statement, she says she has worked directly for the Prime Minister of Qatar, and has served as a director for several companies in the housing sector and community projects. Her statement continues:

“My political involvement stems from my work with charities and communities, notably ‘Getting Court’.

“I have stood for election with the Conservatives and have observed how successive Prime Ministers have ignored critical advice. Enough is enough. Your Labour MP has been in post for years, during which the area has declined.

“I was born and raised in Southwest London, (including a period of time in Hammersmith). Although I now reside in a different constituency, I am eager to represent Hammersmith & Chiswick.”

She cites key local issues as a declining quality of life, antisocial behaviour, theft, high cost of living and insufficient affordable social housing. She adds:

“I fundamentally disagree with all forms of extremism and believe in ‘loving your neighbour’ of every creed and race. I believe that good quality of life, excellent education and traditional family values are essential to the success of future generations. Dramatic Reform in many areas combined with economic growth are key to the success of our nation.”

Images: Eraj Rostaqui, Liberal Democrats logo

Eraj Rostaqi – Liberal Democrats

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan and raised in the “vibrant culture” of the United Kingdom, Eraj has lived in the UKL for 30 years. He says he is a passionate advocate for liberal democratic principles and a firm believer in fostering a fair and inclusive society.

Since joining Lib Dems in 2018, he says he has dedicated his time and energy as a local activist, playing a “pivotal role in advancing the party’s values”. Eraj was a fierce campaigner against Brexit.

Describing himself as a strong supporter of local businesses, Eraj says he would bring a wealth of expertise to the table as an economic and finance professional and as an entrepreneur with focus in empowering local services.

Speaking at The Chiswick Calendar’s hustings on Sunday 23 June after the audience signalled they supported some of the Liberal Democrat’s most popular manifesto commitments, such as proportional representation and re-joining the EU’s single market, Eraj said:

“Well you know who to vote for don’t you?”

Images: Naranee Ruthra-Rajan, The Green Party logo

Naranee Ruthra-Rajan – The Green Party

Naranee Ruthra-Rajan, a former primary school teacher and current youth charity worker, is standing for The Green Party and says Londoners deserve a more “imaginative and hopeful approach to addressing the issues our country faces”.

Naranee was born in the constituency but was raised in Kingston, before moving back as an adult. In her electoral statement, Naranee said:

“My priority as an MP would be to identify the best ways to become a genuinely child-friendly country. As a teacher, I know that by meeting the needs of the most vulnerable we improve everyone’s lives.

“Children and young people have had an incredibly rough ride in the last decade. I’ve seen first hand the many issues children and the adults that work with them have faced. And almost all of them are rooted in inequality.

“Without more equal access to green spaces, creative education and cultural opportunities, clean, breathable air, safe and affordable housing, and a transport system that is cheaper and truly accessible for everyone we will not build the future our children deserve.

“I’m committed to working for a Greener, more equal constituency here and would ask you to support me as the Green candidate for Hammersmith and Chiswick.”

Images: Andy Slaughter, The Labour Party logo

Andy Slaughter – The Labour Party

Andy Slaughter has been a representative of people living in west London for almost 40 years. He was former Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham council, an MP in Ealing, Acton and Shepherd’s Bush and has been the MP for Hammersmith since 2010.

Andy has been vocal in criticising the water companies for dumping raw sewage into the River Thames and surrounding waterways, though he has stopped short of calling for a complete nationalisation of Thames Water.

He was sacked from Keir Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet roles over his support for a ceasefire in Gaza, as well being sacked from Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet for supporting  parliamentary amendment which would have kept the UK in the EU’s single market.

Speaking to The Chiswick Calendar, Andy said:

“I’ve been an MP for long time now, some people say too long, but I have got a lot of experience. I’ve run the local authority, I spent 20 years as a councillor. My first seat was in Ealing, Acton and Shepherd’s Bush which actually bordered on the northern part of Chiswick, Bedford Park and around there.

“Now I’ve been 15 years in Hammersmith, this is where I’ve always lived it’s the only place that I wanted to represent. Chiswick is somewhere I know very well, it’s a fantastic place to live and work and it’s just a perfect job [to be the MP for here].

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