Hammersmith councillor calls for machete ban after having watch stolen

Image above: a 15 inch machete

Conservative councillor mugged by machete wielding thieves on a moped

A councillor for Hammersmith & Fulham has gathered more than 136,000 signatures for his petition to ban the sale of machetes, after he had his watch stolen by machete-wielding thieves last year

Andrew Dinsmore, a Conservative member of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, had his watch stolen by thieves on a moped in broad daylight.

Cllr Dinsmore was walking along a Chelsea street with his ​fiancée after a meal at a restaurant when he was confronted by the robbers, who jumped off a scooter and ripped his watch from his wrist.

He said one of them screamed “give me your f****** watch” while waving a machete in his face.

Cllr Dinsmore said he was shocked at how easy it was to buy a machete when he looked online after his attack, and has since made it his mission to ban the sale of these weapons online.

High-value watch thefts rose by 65% in London from 2021 to 2022.

Image above: Andrew Dinsmore

Petition approaches 150,000 signatures

At time of writing Cllr Dinsmore’s signature has 136,837 signatures.

In response, the Policing Minister Chris Philp has announced plans for a consultation on getting dangerous weapons, including machetes, off the streets.

Writing in 2022, Cllr Dinsmore described his attack:

“I was confronted with a frightening 18-inch blade… This attack was one of seven within ten days. Of those seven, three of the victims were harmed with the machete (including one to the face).

“The day before my attack, someone was stabbed through the chest in central London and killed with a machete during a mugging. Last week, a young person in my area was coming home from the supermarket at 6pm, was attacked from behind with a machete and mugged.

“Machetes are the common theme. They are everywhere. You can buy them online, with the retailers trying to sell you a balaclava at the same time. This has to stop. There is no legitimate use for these weapons. We banned flip blades, we banned samurai swords – now we need to ban machetes.”

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