Harper Regan at the Tabard theatre

I thoroughly recommend Harper Regan, Contentment Productions’ presentation of the play by Simon Stephens which was first produced at the National Theatre in 2008, to great acclaim.

It’s an unsettling play and Emmy Happisburgh plays the lead character brilliantly. Harper Regan is a good woman, trying to do her best, to do her job well and support her family through a succession of traumatising crises.

One day she walks away, tells no one she is going, and in two days, through a succession of encounters with strange men, by a canal, in a pub and by arrangement in a hotel bedroom, is able to re-evaluate her life from the outside and find the strength to go back and accept it for what it is.

We’ve all been there! Maybe not quite as dramatically at Harper Regan, but life has a way of taking chunks out of you as you get older and this is about the resilience of Everywoman.

Harper Regan at the Tabard theatre runs until Saturday 1 June. Tickets here. NB Holders of The Chiswick Calendar Club Card get a £4 discount on tickets