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Cassie the Cavapoochon puppy

Cassie does Chiswick – Week 4

We have been following the progress of Cassie the Cavapoochon puppy as she settles into her new home in Chiswick. We left Cassie feeling a bit sorry for herself at the end of the last blog. She was not eating and had to visit the vet. You will be pleased to hear she has put on weight and been back to the vet for her vaccinations, so she is now good to go out and mingle with other dogs.

A week of ‘firsts’

By Sharon Moore

After my anxiety over her not eating, Cassie has put on 600gms in two weeks and is supporting a really round fluffball look! She has also been sleeping seven hours a night, thanks to having a little artificial piddle patch in her pen and sticking to a routine of putting her to bed between 10.30 and 11pm.

As she was doing so well I have gone back to making sure she was being exposed to as many new things as possible, as long as they fitted in with her sleep, eat, play and toilet schedule.

First on the agenda was a friend’s birthday dinner. It was only five stops away on the train to a dog friendly restaurant. Cassie gets so excited to go out, she jumps in her bag waiting to go along with her treats, usually a carrot and an antler, as she is a true flexitarian.

First trip to a restaurant

Being from the Southern Hemisphere I appreciate a warm environment, but I was not prepared for the heat of the restaurant, which to me felt like a sauna. I could not take enough of my own clothes off without causing a stir, but I took her harness off to try keep her cool.

She was so excited to see everyone and give them cuddles. She knew the birthday girl, so was just a little ball of energy giving kisses, until I noticed she was becoming restless. She kept drinking water. I got some ice from the waitress in her own little bowl but 15 minutes in I decided to take her home. It is so important to make sure you pick up on your puppy’s cues. I am glad I did, and my friends are so lovely, they just wanted the best for her.

First trip to a nail bar

I also had a 15-minute appointment at my local salon this week, Poison Ivy, to get my gel nails removed. I know a salon can have very strong smells but from all the books I have read, they advise getting a puppy used to everything especially in the first 12 weeks. Cassie came in her bag and sat patiently on my lap for 15 minutes while also getting so many cuddles and attention from the lovely staff.


Cassie then had her trip to the vet for her second vaccination. I had taken the day off as I was worried she might be ill after the injection. She was absolutely ‘pawfect’, not one itch or sign of discomfort or tiredness in fact. She played, ate and enjoyed the day off with me.

Cassie was given Canigen Lepto 2 and Canigen DHP for her first vaccination at 8 weeks while in the care of her breeder. In London, many vets offer Lepto 4, so I had to call around at least 5-6 vets to find one that does Lepto 2 and thankfully it is the closest one to me and the lovely one that helped Cassie get better last week. The vet I have taken Cassie to also provide a booster later, for extra protection.


  • Puppies are typically vaccinated at 8 and 10 weeks against parvovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza, distemper and leptospirosis. See more details here: youngvets.co.uk
  • De-worming, flea and tick treatment schedules can vary. Consult with a vet for advice on vaccination, worming, tick and flea treatments for your puppy.

Cassie was dewormed between 2-5 weeks with Panacur and then again with Milbemax puppy worm treatment at eight weeks, and there is more deworming ahead alongside with treatments for fleas and ticks.

The vet was so happy with her eating, her weight and condition, saying she is such a happy puppy. She is such a blessing, I am so thankful for her daily.

Puppy school

Walking back home from the vet we crossed paths with a gorgeous little Maltipoo Jax walking with his mom, so we connected and set up a play date together. That is one amazing thing about dogs, they bring people together, and it doesn’t make it weird to talk to a complete stranger or even smile at each other, which I think we can just completely miss walking with our heads down rushing day to day. Cassie is definitely making me stop and take everything in.

As I have been very conscious of not going out too far from home because of needing toilet access we have spent most nights on the sofa watching questionable tv (too many reality shows at the moment) but she loves it! Getting fully involved. I have been told ‘Crufts’ is an amazing show to watch with dogs, so I will be watching this next with her.

Now that she is fully vaccinated, I can take her outside on the ground (seven days after the vaccine) so I have been researching puppy schools. There are so many courses online. I have been taking Cassie through the BBC Maestro course with Steve Mann, as I read his book Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy which was so useful, and the training online is great, it’s so easy to forget what is in a book, so I found the videos really useful.

The Pupford app made by Zak George is free and also useful. His videos on Youtube got me ready before Cassie arrived, so I knew what do teach her on day one; i.e. toilet training and getting her very comfy in her crate. These two tools I highly recommend. The only reason I want to take Cassie to a puppy school is to socialise and also to get expert advice teaching her to listen to me with many distractions going on around us.

I was recommended two schools in the area and I have opted for one that starts this week. It is a six week training course at On Kew Dog, which costs £180 for six sessions in a class with three other puppies.


The other course I considered was £190 for seven sessions, but they were fully booked till May. They also have puppy socialisation for £15 a session which I am considering taking her to.


Reunited with another of her litter

It is important to ease puppies into new experiences, it was all so new to her and there was one other puppy in the room, but Cassie chose to stay in her bag and watch. I am hoping this week she will be more comfortable to explore the class and learn some new things.

Cassie is already such a confident and fun little pup thankfully she has had some extra help socialising with Pringle our neighbour’s Pomeranian. It has helped so much with her being able to play with a dog similar in size and not that much older, who is also fully vaccinated.

One of the very exciting things that happened this weekend was that Cassie got to see her brother again after not seeing him in three weeks.

As I had bought her from a breeder in Wales I never thought any of her siblings would be so close by. I got a follow from a pup’s Instagram account @_bollywould_ and saw he looked quite similar to Cassie, he had the same toy that the breeder gave Cassie, and was born on the same day. I messaged the account on Instagram and asked if he was Cassie’s brother and found to our luck he was! Thankfully they only live 30 minutes away and could come and play.

I made some pupcakes (dog friendly cupcakes- also edible for humans) from an online recipe, to welcome Cassie’s brother Bolly and his family. I caught the sweetest moment of Cassie licking her lips as she could smell the soft cheese on top of the pupcakes. They tasted delicious by the way.

Bolly arrived and just like his pics on Instagram he is another absolute cutie, he is darker in colour and 1kg heavier thank Cassie. You can tell he is such a little boy just by looking at his gorgeous face. When they arrived Cassie and Bolly sniffed each other in the parking lot and Cassie’s tail was wagging uncontrollably! They knew they were siblings and even gave each other a hug to say hello within the first few minutes.

I obviously got tearful, it was the sweetest thing. They had clearly missed each other. They loved the pupcakes and really enjoyed chasing each other in the communal garden until they both passed out.


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