Have you heard a music track called Chiswick Days?

It’s by an underground, acid techno DJ and producer from Germany by the name of Thomas P Heckmann. Well, that’s one of his names, he has a number of aliases such as Parrot Torture, T.Tomato and The Freeek.

I got in touch with Thomas, intrigued by the origin of the track’s title and his uncompromisingly named string of music labels, one of which was called ACID FUCKER UNITE (A.F.U).

“Actually it has a connection going back to the early 90s,” explained, well, let’s call him Thomas for now,

“but unfortunately I’ve lost contact with my mate from back then. I spent a lot of time with him in his house, his mother even cooking Sunday roast for me.”

“His father was also working on the original Star Warsand on Thunderbirds and there were pictures of the films all over the house!”

“My phone book from back then got lost and I absolutely cannot remember his name anymore, lost in the tarpits of time… but it would be great to connect again with him…and while I spent some time in Chiswick I made a track about it.”

So who was the compassionate mother who cooked roast dinners for Thomas? Which Chiswick dad had the Force with him? If we solve the puzzle, Thomas could say to his mate, after a quarter of a century, the lines straight from Star Wars,  “Oh, my dear friend. How I’ve missed you.”  Any leads? Please email us. This could be the start of Chiswick Calendar Friends Reunited!