Heathrow consultation avoids Chiswick

Chiswick campaigners against Heathrow’s expansion have criticised the airport’s failure to hold a public consultation event in an area where the proposed changes will have a significant impact.

The consultation, which runs until 4 March, covers Runway Alternation; Airspace changes; Westerly Preference; Night Flights; Extra flights in advance of a third runway. All the proposals assume a third runway will be built.

If the third runway is built, campaigners say the level of low flights directly over the North Chiswick area could reach 47 per hour (almost 1 per minute).

Even without a third runway, Heathrow are asking for another extra 25,000 extra flights, which campaigners say would breach respite periods for those under the existing approach paths.

Ruth Cadbury, MP has called for Heathrow to provide and distribute leaflets for each affected area detailing the impact of the proposed flight paths.

She said, “We already live in the noisiest environment in the UK, and both proposals are in breach of international noise standards. It’s therefore vital that you take part in the consultation, and encourage everyone you know to as well.’’

You can respond online via heathrowconsultation.com

Via email at feedback@heathrowconsultation.com

By writing to Freepost, LHR AFO Consultation

Read the consultation summary from HACAN here