H&F Cabinet approves delivery of cycle lane through Hammersmith

The Cabinet of Hammersmith & Fulham Council met last night and approved the next stage of planning for the cycle lane which will join up with Cycleway 9 through Chiswick.

They prefer to call their bit of the route a ‘Safer Cycle path’, but it will join up with Cycleway 9 at Goldhawk Rd, and will do the same job of providing a two-way segregated cycle track, along King St to the Hammersmith gyratory.

Call it what you will, both Hounslow Council and Hammersmith & Fulham Council have now signed off on the decision for there to be a continuous, largely segregated, two-way cycle lane along both Chiswick High Rd and King St.

H&F council is also planning what they’re calling a ‘Cycle Highway’ to run along the A4, designed for faster commuter cyclists. The idea is that is will extend from the borough boundaries near British Grove and Warwick Road, but it is still in the early stages of design development.

The council approved both routes in principle back in January. The decision last night brings them nearer to becoming a reality, as it formally authorised an independent resident-led Commission to lead the design team which will build the routes in consultation with local residents.

The cycle routes involve £20M for the segregated cycle path along King St, Hammersmith gyratory and Hammersmith Rd and £300k to investigate improved cycling along the A4, but the council says there will be no financial impact on Hammersmith & Fulham as the funding is coming from Transport for London.

14 year old George Abaraonye was among those who spoke to the meeting. He gave a powerful speech describing how he was injured while cycling earlier in the year. He told the meeting the council owed a duty of care to residents who cycled.

Michael Robinson, borough coordinator of Hounslow Cycling, said, “it is great news that Hammersmith and Fulham have approved plans for a protected Cycleway along King St linking up with the route along Chiswick High Rd. We look forward to routes being implemented as soon as possible.”

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