High Road House Brasserie joins The Chiswick Calendar’s Club Card scheme

Images above: High Road House, Chiswick, exterior and bar area

Eating good food and watching the world go by

High Road House brasserie is one of those places where you can sit and watch the world go by, consuming good food and drink, with staff who know you if you are a regular, and remember how you take your coffee.

“It’s nice to be recognised” says general manager Luciana Bankhardt. She and her deputy Monica Galik both live in Chiswick and they realise the importance of being part of the local community. A lot of their staff have been with the restaurant for some time – no mean feat in today’s hospitality industry.

” If Marta goes on holiday people are distraught” says Luciana. “They want to know when she will be back.” Marta has worked at the restaurant as a waitress for ten years. Monica and Luciana have been here six and three years respectively.

Image above: Monica Galik (L); Luciana Bankhardt (R)

Club Card offer

We are delighted that High Road House brasserie is joining The Chiswick Calendar’s Club Card scheme. As part of the Soho House empire, they are part of a business which now runs everything from hotels and spas to cinemas and own-brand merchandise and has a presence worldwide.

In Chiswick, where they took over the space that was Foubert’s Hotel 16 years ago, there is the brasserie, open to the public, the members’ space above and 14 hotel rooms available only for members to book. The members’ reception sells a range of their Cow Shed products such as candles and shampoo and conditioner that you find in their hotel rooms, and in the basement there is an event space perfect for children’s parties.

High Road House brasserie is offering our subscribers:

  • 10% off Food and Beverage in the Brasserie from Sunday 4pm until Wednesday all day. (not valid with set menus and other offers)
  • 10% off MINIMUM Spends for any events in the Lower Ground.
  • 10% off Cowshed products sold at our shop at our Hotel Reception. (Not valid online or in other stores)

The food is described as ‘European brasserie style’ with their most popular dishes Moules Frites, Prawn Linguini and Chicken Milanese. The restaurant serves breakfast, brunch and an all-day menu. They have an extensive wine list and seasonal cocktail menu. Read more about what the brasserie has to offer here: highroadbrasserie.co.uk

They make a point of using the services of local businesses: their meat comes from Mackens and their flowers from Wheelers.

Images above: Moules frites; Prawn linguine; Chicken Milanese

There are two event spaces open to non-members – one in the lower ground and one in the brasserie side room, in addition to a third upstairs for members, where they have hosted weddings, corporate functions, private gatherings and members events.

The Cowshed stand offers products made in England from a variety of organic ingredients. Read more about their botanical essential oils products here: cowshed.com

Images above: Cowshed House robes and Signature hand and body set

Soho House opening in Mexico City soon

Soho House now has 41 clubs worldwide, with Houses in Stockholm, Tel Aviv and New York among the 11 in Europe and the Middle East, and 14 in North America. There are Houses in Hong Kong, Mumbai and Bangkok and one opening shortly in Mexico City.

The first Soho House was opened by restaurateur Nick Jones in Greek St in 1995. It was designed to be exclusive – a members’ club, but a ‘cool’ one, attracting young media types rather than old bores. Somehow it has managed to retain its ‘cool’ image (even though some of the original members must now by definition have become old bores, not matter how cool and trendy they started out).

If you Google Soho House everywhere you look there are travel writers falling over themselves to say how chic they are. This from the Telegraph’s travel writer Venus Wong:

‘Chiswick’s High Road House has ‘any of the members’ club’s signature touches – Instagrammable décor, Cowshed products, a buzzy bar … the interiors have received a head-to-toe makeover with that signature Soho House stamp: stylish mid-century modern furniture, graphic tiled floors and velvet armchairs… The contrast of colours, patterns and materials lend a tasteful but interesting look.’

(Mind you, she also described Chiswick as ‘a sleepy and bucolic part of West London’ – bucolic?? Hardly).

Image above: Lower ground party revenue

If you are tempted by Soho House membership but can’t afford it, there is such a thing as ‘Soho Friends’, which for the price of £100 a year gives you access to all the hotel bedrooms around the world at reduced rates, as well as benefits in the restaurants, spas and on Soho Home, Cowshed and Soho Skin products.

What it does not give you is access to the Club spaces in the Houses, where members can relax and feel at home. Read more about the benefits of a Soho Friends membership here: sohohouse.com.
Find out more about membership of Chiswick’s High Road House here: sohohouse.com

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