Hogarth Club – Keeping the masks and the bookable swimming lanes

Image above: Hogarth Club pool

The Hogarth Centre has gone through several incarnations since March 2020.  First they opened up with outside activities only – tennis for example. They’ve moved lots of gym equipment outside and built separate pods in the open air. They started offering exercise classes by Zoom and made the cafe takeaway only. They also divided the swimming pool into lanes and made them bookable for half hour slots.

That’s an innovation which their clients reallly liked, says Sales and Marketing Director Tim Slater; they appreciate the freedom of having a lane they can call their own and use of the swimming pool has gone up by more than 300%, so they’re keeping the bookable lanes. They’re also keeping the wearing of masks inside the club and keeping the gym equipment and booths outside.

“We will require people to wear masks when they’re not exercising” he says. “We want to make the most vulnerable members feel comfortable.”

Images above: Hogarth Club

In December 2020 gyms were given separate status from the hospitality industry, with whom they’d been bracketed before. They don’t just provide fun, but have a positive contribution to make to people’s physical health and fitness – that is after all the point of them – as well as their mental health.

The gym equipment that’s still inside is either at least two metres from the next thing, or separated by a glass screen, and that’s how they will stay, says Tim. They are also keeping the social distancing arrangements in the changing rooms – vulnerable people come dressed ready to exercise and use the locker rooms. Anyone else uses the changing rooms, but no longer have to book a time to use them. They will just be asked to maintin social distancing.

The cafe has reopened and members will no longer have to stick to a one way system inside the club. Staff will continue to wear masks inside the club until further notice.

Image above: Hogarth Club pool

Reopening the sauna

They have since April 2021 been allowed to open their steam room and sauna, but haven’t until now, choosing to remain on the side of caution. They are about to open the sauna – rather ironically in the week when just sitting in the living room at home feels like entering a sauna – because the temperature of 70 – 90 degrees will kill off the virus. The sauna will be available for one person, or two from the same household. But they are not opening the steam room, as it’s not hot enough to kill off the virus.

In an email to members this week, they reiterated their ethos for the post July 19 era:

‘Please remember: others may be vulnerable for reasons you may not see, or may be close to someone who is high risk – a parent, a partner, a child, a housemate. We ask that you be safe, be considerate and be understanding of other Club users, to help make The Hogarth a welcoming place for all’.

Club Card offer

The Hogarth Club is a member of The Chiswick Calendar’s Club Card scheme, offering Club Card holders a reduced joining fee of £99 on all categories and, if you join the club on ‘Compact membership’, you will also receive an extra special offer of two months for price of one.

Benefit from free personal training sessions, a myriad classes, racquet sports and relax in the pool and spa during the hours 12-4pm weekdays and after 6.30pm on weekends. Other unique offers on different types of membership are also available to Club Card Holders. Ask on joining.

When you join up and come in for the first time as a member, enjoy a complientary smoothie in the cafe.

Contact the membership sales team at enquiries@thehogarth.co.uk and be part of something special! Tel: 0208 995 4600. Just tell them you’re a Club Card holder and take your card when you go along for the first time.

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