Conservative Manifesto


Council Services

  • A return to weekly bin collection across the Borough. Residents demand weekly bin collections. The current fortnightly bin collections, forced through by Labour, have resulted in more fly-tipping with the risk of increased rat infestations and associated threats to health. Weekly bin collection is a service paid for by tax payers and so should be delivered by the Council.
  • Simplify recycling to improve efficiency. Labour has wasted £28 million on a white elephant recycling centre but seen a drop in actual recycling rates. Consumers are also understandably confused by the tortuous rules of what can be recycled and when. Conservatives pledge to bring a new, simpler and more efficient recycling system that will benefit residents and the environment. Conservatives will also launch a formal investigation into possible misuse of funds that has led to the massive cost over-runs with the new Recycling Centre at a cost so far of £28 million to Hounslow taxpayers.
  • Fill all major pot holes within one year. Across Hounslow, roads are left in appalling state by the mismanagement of Labour. Despite receiving over £90 million via Central Government to fix the problems, Labour has mismanaged and misspent so that many roads are rapidly decaying and some are now unusable by cyclists.

Tax & Finance

  • Appointment of a Financial Director and re-establishment of a Finance and Performance Scrutiny Committee. Residents deserve to have their tax pounds looked after and spent wisely. Like any organisation, Hounslow Council needs both financial oversight and independent scrutiny. The Conservatives would appoint an experienced Financial Director and revive the Finance and Performance Scrutiny
  • End “white elephant” schemes. Labour has wasted £28 million on a white elephant recycling centre delivered late and with huge cost overruns. The Conservatives would end the Lampton 360 “white elephant” and bring value back to residents.
  • Open government and an end to off balance sheet accounting through secretive private companies. The Council must be accountable to residents, but Labour has established a group of off-balance-sheet private companies into which millions of pounds have been pumped without any return. Residents cannot inspect the finances of these companies, and their employees have worse pay and benefits than their colleagues working directly for the Council. Conservatives are committed to transparent and open government for all aspects of Hounslow Council.
  • Compulsory competitive tendering. Conservatives would enforce competitive tendering for all contracts with Hounslow Council. We would stop Labour’s practice of managing outsourced contracts badly and then bringing these services inhouse with little or no competitive tendering or market testing.
  • Low Council Tax. Conservatives are committed to keeping Council Tax as low as possible by delivering agreed savings in full and on time and by pursuing strict financial management. For the 2018/19 financial year, the Conservatives proposed a 0% increase to the council tax in contrast the 4% increase that Labour forced through.


  • Strategic review of housing requirements. The Conservatives will institute a strategic review of the Borough housing needs for the next decade and create a comprehensive plan for the delivery of appropriate social housing across Hounslow.
  • Open build policy to encourage more house building. Conservatives will work with self-builders, small builders and the Charity sector throughout the Borough to encourage responsible new building.
  • Renovation of existing properties. Conservatives will make funds available through loans and grants for the renovation of older properties that the owners agree to make available to social tenants.
  • Lampton 360. Conservatives will devise an exit strategy for Lampton 360, Hounslow’s “ideological white elephant” housing organisation. Just seven houses have been purchased in four years against a target of 196. No new homes have been built. The closure of Lampton 360 should return millions to Hounslow’s coffers – although the exact amount is not clear because the full accounts of Lampton 360 are not available for public scrutiny.