Hounslow Conservatives publish local election manifesto

Image above: Hounslow’s 2022 Conservative candidates

Hounslow’s Conservative Party has published its manifesto for the upcoming local elections in May, presenting 50 pledges for ‘a cleaner, greener and better borough’.

The manifesto commits to ‘building quality homes instead of tower blocks, reversing Hounslow Labour’s policy of year-on-year Council Tax rises, reviewing controversial traffic schemes, and cleaning up the borough’s local politics to ensure the Council works for and listens to residents and local businesses’.

In Chiswick Gunnersbury, incumbent councillors Joanna Biddolph, Ranjit Gill and Ron Mushiso will be standing for reelection.

Candidates in Chiswick Homefields ward include local Tory activist Jack Emsley. Incumbent councillors Gerald McGregor and John Todd will be standing for reelection.

In Chiswick Riverside, incumbent councillor Gabriella Giles is standing for reelection, along with former Hounslow Conservative Group Leader Peter Thompson and Sebastian Wallace – co founder of a venture capitalist investment fund company. Sam Hearn, who has represented Chiswick Riverside for 16 years, is retiring.

Image above: (L) Conservative candidate Jack Emsley (right) canvassing with Cllr John Todd (second left) and Tory activists; (R) Cllrs Ranjit Gill and Joanna Biddolph canvassing in Chiswick on Sunday (10 April)

Conservatives promise to reverse Council Tax rises & review borough traffic schemes

All local Conservative candidates are making ten key commitments to residents. A Conservative led council pledges to:

  • ‘Reverse Hounslow Labour’s policy of year-on-year council tax rises and review its changes to the borough’s Council Tax Support Scheme
  • ‘Review the controversial low traffic neighbourhoods and work with TfL to revise and improve safer cycling infrastructure to ensure it works for the community
  • ‘Create a safer borough by increasing levels of streetlighting and the number of local police officers
  • ‘Clean-up local politics by reducing the number of councillors who receive ‘special responsibility allowances’ and review the council’s ‘strong leader’ structure
  • ‘Put residents at the heart of local decision making by increasing the number of public forums and making councillors more accountable by publishing real-time data on how much case work they complete and how many meetings they attend
  • ‘Improve the air we breathe by re-joining the London Air Quality Network and investing in better air quality monitoring to help us make informed policy decisions to tackle pollution levels
  • ‘Champion Hounslow’s riverside heritage by backing local rewilding projects, defending flood plains from inappropriate overdevelopment and keeping riverways clean and tidy
  • ‘Build quality homes for residents that are fit for growing families, instead, they say, ‘of Hounslow Labour’s continued focus on cramped tower blocks’
  • ‘Support marginalised groups by working with business groups, forums and local businesses to improve access to career growth opportunities and apprenticeships for members of disadvantaged communities
  • ‘Invest in the local economy by funding local markets and supporting retailers against crime and antisocial behaviour.’

“We need a council that puts residents first” says Conservative Group Leader

Councillor Gerald McGregor, Leader of the Conservative Group on Hounslow Council said:

“As our borough emerges from the past two years, we need a council that puts residents first and supports our community to make a clean, green recovery.

“After listening to residents from across the borough, we are excited to present our 50 pledges for a better Hounslow.

“From improving the air we breathe to reversing Hounslow Labour’s shameful policy of year-on-year Council Tax increases, we look forward to the opportunity to give residents the better borough that they deserve.”

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