Hounslow coronavirus spike being ‘monitored carefully’

11 August, 2020 / by Matt Smith

Over the weekend 8-9 August 2020 the UK saw a significant rise in confirmed coronavirus cases – the first time the daily total has exceeded 1,000 since June.

In LB Hounslow there was a small spike in the numbers of confirmed infections. Data from Public Health England found that Hounslow’s cases appeared to hike from July 30, at 411 cases per 100,000 of the population, to 429.1 per 100,000 by August 8, an increase of 18.1.

The Council’s Director of Public Health, Kelly O’Neill, said Heston East has been identified as the area where the most cases have been confirmed, and that the they are working closely with the community to stop the virus spreading.

Deputy Leader of Hounslow Council Lily Bath said:

“The latest information suggests that the spread is due to wider family and friend group meetings, without maintaining social distancing”.

In the last month from 8 July 8 to 10 August 2020, LB Hounslow has had 105 new cases of coronavirus.

‘We must all be responsible and vigilant’

Ms O’Neil issued a statement saying:

“We are currently seeing an increase in the number of positive cases of coronavirus in the London Borough of Hounslow. Until last week reports of cases were low and steady, but over the past several days there has been 37 cases identified which demonstrates infection spread. We are monitoring Heston East in particular where there has been the most new cases. Public health officials consider this increase is likely due to wider family and friends meeting and not maintaining social distancing.

“This small increase should not cause residents to worry but it does demonstrate there is no room for complacency. We must all be responsible and vigilant at all times and adhere to government guidance to ensure the situation doesn’t escalate.

“We are working with the Heston community to advise them and share government messages through a range of channels, including a household leaflet translated in community languages, displaying banners and posters across Heston and sharing messages through our community groups.

“We welcome all support from the media, local organisations and individuals to help us spread the word that following the government’s guidance is crucial. And we are encouraging people to become Community Champions and share messages in ways which best reach and resonate with their communities.

“Our priority remains protecting our most vulnerable residents and we will consider all options to halt the spread, including a local lockdown if this is needed. This is something we want to avoid at all costs, but we can only do this with the help of residents and businesses abiding by the guidance.

“While our current focus is Heston, there are increasing numbers of cases in other parts of our borough. We are urging all of Hounslow’s residents to keep a two-metre distance, where possible, from people who you do not live with, wash your hands regularly and use a face covering in shops, on public transport and in busy places. Remember, you can spread coronavirus without having symptoms – don’t be the one who makes your vulnerable friends or relatives sick.

“We are working closely with Public Health England to monitor the figures and understand the situation, and we will take any necessary action to keep our residents safe.”

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