Hounslow Council approve proposals for cycle route along Thames Path

Image above: Thames Path

‘No extensive construction planned’ for new cycle route

Hounslow Council has given the green light for the development of a new cycle route along Thames Path in Chiswick. The proposed Priority Cycle Network Route 15 (PCN15) aims to link Richmond and Chiswick seamlessly, providing cyclists with a safer and more scenic alternative to navigating through congested areas.

The project, estimated at a cost of £12,000, primarily allocates funds towards the installation of new way-finding signage, with no extensive construction planned other than alterations to a traffic island on Chiswick Mall.

PCN15’s trajectory will start at the entrance to Dan Mason Drive, adjacent to the A316, winding its way beneath the railway bridge by the Riverside Health Club. From there, it meanders back toward the river via The Promenade. Upon reaching the Thames Crescent estate, the route veers away from the river onto private roads at the estate’s rear, traversing Pumping Station Road before rejoining the Thames Path near Chiswick Mall.

Provisions for an alternative route during potential flooding along Chiswick Mall, which is common during high ride, have been incorporated.

To alleviate concerns surrounding cyclists using the Thames Path section by Thames Crescent, the Council plans to introduce signage guiding cyclists away from the “No Cycling” areas, in the hopes of reducing congestion along this stretch.

Image above: Map of proposed route

Objections by Old Chiswick Protection Society alleviated during meeting with Council

Critical modifications include a reduction in the size of the existing traffic island at the junction of Chiswick Mall and Chiswick Lane South. This alteration will accommodate a new contraflow cycle lane at the current “No Entry” westbound restriction. Additionally, the deteriorated cycle track near Chiswick Mall, prone to tidal flooding and deterioration, will be relocated further from the river wall.

In the review process, alternate routes, such as encouraging usage of the pathway alongside the A316, were considered, but were deemed inadequate in meeting the core objective of helping cyclists to avoid high-density traffic areas.

The proposal met some objections from members of the Old Chiswick Protection Society. Addressing concerns about the proposal’s scale, a Council report highlighted a degree of misunderstanding regarding PCN 15’s intent, clarifying that it is not envisioned to match the magnitude of Cycleway 9.

The Council determined that suggestions for additional enhancements fell beyond the project’s intended scope. Following a subsequent meeting, the Council and the Old Chiswick Protection Society were able to reach a concensus.

A timeframe for work has yet to be released.