Hounslow Council gets High Court injunction against Traveller encampments

Hounslow Council has attained a High Court injunction against Traveller encampments on council land throughout the borough. it will mean that police are able to move Travellers on much more quickly. Travellers have set up camp in Chiswick a number of times recently, in the car park of the Lendlease property at Empire House on Essex Place (pictured above), on Chiswick back Common, at Dukes Meadows and most recently (last weekend) at Stamford Brook car park at the end of Welstead Way.

Hounslow are following the example of Ealing Council, who managed to get an injunction granted after repeated incursions on Ealing Common; we have been seeing the result of the displacement of Travellers as a result. The current injunction is only temporary, for three months, so Hounslow is due back in court in three months’ time for a full hearing, to seek to extend it for a year.

Council leader Steve Curran told me that moving on the Travellers and clearing up after them costs Council Tax payers tens of thousands of pounds every year. It’s not just the caravans parking but a level of antisocial behaviour, criminality and illegal fly-tipping which has been a feature of the encampments also. “We are pleased on behalf of the residents and businesses who are adversely affected by these illegal encampments” he said.

There have been 38 incursions on council land throughout the borough of Hounslow over the past 12 months. The borough has a specially designated site for Travellers to camp, as it is required to do by law. This site is already occupied with a community of Travellers who Steve Curran says are well integrated in the local community and cause no problems.