Hounslow Council launch consultation on dog-walking

Image above: a dog being walked on a lead; library image

Consultation launched after rise in complaints about dog poo and dogs off leashes

Hounslow Council has launched a consultation on dog-walking in the borough, after proposing new regulations to ‘improve how dogs and people can safely share green spaces in the borough’. These regulations fall under the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) provisions and outline specific guidelines for when, where, and how dogs can use these areas to ensure the safety of park users.

The consultation comes after increase in complaints received by the council and its partners about issues of dog fouling, the behaviour of dogs off leashes, and the practice of walking more than four dogs simultaneously.

The council’s aim is to gather input from a diverse range of people including dog owners, walkers, residents, business owners, and visitors. The central question being posed is whether clearer restrictions are necessary to ensure a secure and pleasant coexistence of families, dogs, and their handlers in public spaces.

The proposed PSPO regulations would apply borough-wide, though certain provisions might be limited to specific areas. They would cover publicly accessible land owned by Hounslow Council:  parks, housing estates, and cemeteries.

Council representatives emphasise their commitment to fostering a balance between the needs and desires of the different groups. The goal is to strike a harmonious balance between enabling dog owners to enjoy outdoor spaces with their pets while maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and overall enjoyment of these public areas for all residents and visitors.

Cllr Ajmer Grewal, Cabinet Member for Safety and Regulatory Services, said:

“I love dogs and understand the need to exercise them. I also fully appreciate that they can be a source of anxiety especially when they are being walked in great numbers in open spaces and around families with young children. This is why we are encouraging you to have your say on how we safely share our parks and open spaces with dogs.”

The consultation has started today, 3 August 2023 and is open for 12 weeks until 3 November 2023. To have your say please visit consultation talk.hounslow.gov.uk/dog-pspo

If you would like a printed copy of this consultation, or an accessible alternative, such as Braille, large print or EasyRead, please email engage@hounslow.gov.uk