Hounslow Council move to designate Glebe Estate a Conservation Area

Image above: Glebe Estate – Dale Street

Public consultation on proposals to begin in ‘early 2024’

The Glebe Estate south of Chiswick High Rd could soon have its own Conservation Area, after Hounslow Council approved a key step in a process designed to preserve the estate’s historical significance and archaeological integrity.

At a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday (12 December), the Council unanimously approved a report recommending a public consultation, specifically focused on designating the popular residential area a Conservation Area. The Council wants to engage the community in discussions and is inviting detailed scrutiny of the draft Conservation Area Appraisal for Glebe Estate.

The estate has been identified as a site of historical and architectural importance, reflecting the roots of Chiswick’s first working-class housing estate. Its well-preserved Victorian terraces are a testament to Chiswick’s heritage as the home of skilled workers in the Victorian era.

Among those to have lived in the Glebe Estate was the writer Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange. When he and his wife lived there in the 1960s the Glebe Estate was considered quite ‘rough’ but it has become a much sought after place to live, with two bedroom terraced houses changing hands at well over a million pounds.

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Not everyone who lives in the Glebe Estate is in favour of it becoming a Conservation Area, because the houses are quite small and some residents want to be able to expand. If residents use the consultation to object, a further report will be presented to the Cabinet for deliberation.

The public consultation is set to start in early 2024.