Hounslow cracks down on fly tipping

Hounslow Council has issued a warning against flytipping rubbish on streets following a recent increase during the lockdown period. Cllr Guy Lambert, Cabinet Member for Highways, Recycling and Trading Companies at Hounslow Council said:

“The vast majority of our residents do the right thing, but in the past 48 hours there has been a reported increase in flytipping across the borough. Dumping waste is a criminal offence, could result in a fine, causes a mess on our streets and puts added strain on our essential service providers and key workers – the men and women who work hard to keep our streets clean.

“We are committed to reducing flytipping in Hounslow and our Enforcement Team continues to gather evidence from flytipped items in order to investigate the source of dumped waste and impose fines to offenders”.

Penalty fines

In 2019, Hounslow Council issued 4,803 Fixed Penalty Notices in relation to flytipping and littering on both public and private land.

“There simply is no excuse for dumping waste, particularly as the collection of waste and recycling remains a priority for the Council and we are continuing with all collections as normal. Our aim is to do everything we can to keep the streets clean, keep collecting your rubbish and make sure your recycling boxes/bins continue to be emptied, while protecting the health of our workers and residents” said Cllr Lambert.

“As most of us are now staying at home, it is natural that this will create more household waste and put pressure on our recycling and waste services – a bit like an extended Christmas.

“This week a revised collection timetable was established in order to enable our waste and recycling crews to take a bit of extra time off – much needed when they have been going above and beyond in challenging circumstances. Disruption was kept to a minimum with households receiving their collection just a day later, with all collections being ‘caught up’ by Saturday 18 April.

“We can all work to minimise our waste at this time and help reduce the pressure on our waste and recycling service – ensuring collections remain as normal for as long as possible. Simple steps such as reducing, reusing and recycling all you can make such a difference, so take full advantage of the weekly recycling service by disposing of all food waste (if available), paper, cardboard, plastics bottles, tubs, pots and trays, glass, tins, foil and cans.

Don’t use lockdown time for a major clearout

“Please avoid doing any clear-outs at this time, as this will likely increase the amount of waste and recycling you generate, but if you do need to dispose of larger or extra items and you can’t store them safely in the meantime, then please utilise our Bulky Waste collection service which continues to run as normal. For more information visit www.hounslow.gov.uk/BulkyWaste.

“We had to take the decision to temporarily close Space Waye reuse and recycling centre from Friday 20 March to the public until further notice, this was in accordance with government guidance to reduce the spread of coronavirus and stop unnecessary journeys. We are all currently instructed to remain at home, and only go out for basic food shopping, medical needs and for one form of exercise a day. Visiting Space Waye is not considered an essential journey so again if you have items to dispose of please utilise the bulky waste service.

Don’t burn garden waste

“The garden waste collection service is continuing as normal also, so if you wish to dispose of your garden cuttings then please visit www.hounslow.gov.uk/GardenWaste. If signing up to the garden waste service is not an option, consider undertaking home composting. For guidance on home composting see www.recyclenow.com/reduce-waste/composting.

“A reminder that we are appealing to all residents to not dispose of waste on a bonfire as the smoke generated causes air pollution and has potential health effects for you and your neighbours especially if they have contracted the Covid-19 virus. Fellow residents who are self-isolating may rely on fresh air from open windows as they are unable to leave their homes”.

If you wish to report flytipping, then please report incidents along with other issues by downloading the FixMyStreet app, please search ‘FixMyStreet’ on Google Play and Apple App Store or by visiting fms.hounslowhighways.org.