Hounslow Greens and Lib Dems announce electoral pact

The Green Party and the Liberal Democrats have announced that they have agreed a mini-electoral pact in the borough of Hounslow.

They are not fielding candidates against each other in two wards in the borough – Chiswick Gunnersbury and Brentford West. The Liberal Democrats have selected Helen Cross, Will Francis and Johanna Guppy to contest Chiswick Gunnersbury whereas Stephen Clark and Tony Firkins will contest the two seat Brentford West Ward.

Hounslow Green Party confirmed that Jon Elkon, Martin Bleach and Astrid Hilne will stand in Chiswick Homefields, and Bill Hagerty, Elanor Lewis-Holme and Andrea Black will stand in Chiswick Riverside.

The two parties came to the decision in the hope of ‘breaking the two-party monopoly’ in Hounslow. There currently are 50 councillors representing Labour on Hounslow Council and 10 representing the Conservatives.

Parties say electoral system is ‘deeply flawed’

A statement issued by the two parties says:

“The deeply flawed first past the post voting system used in the local elections in Hounslow favours the two largest political parties and penalises alternative parties, Hounslow Liberal Democrats and Hounslow Greens have agreed to stand aside in two wards in May’s local elections.

“Both parties believe that this is the best way to break through the two-party monopoly which first past the post inflicts on Hounslow. Both parties agree that Hounslow Council is less representative, and its decision-making is poorer, for not having the benefit of Liberal Democrat and Green voices in the Council Chamber.

“However, this agreement in Brentford and Chiswick does not imply support for each other’s policies locally or nationally.

“Both parties would like to thank all those who voted for them in the past in these wards and hope that their supporters in Gunnersbury and Brentford West will understand that the constraints of the electoral system have forced a difficult choice to get more diverse voices on Hounslow Council. Both parties will continue to fight hard to change the outdated electoral system.”

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