Hounslow Labour Group calls for cessation of hostilities in Israel – Hamas war

Image above: Hounslow Council Leader Shantanu Rajawat

The Hounslow Labour Group unequivocally condemns the killing of innocent people in both Gaza and Israel

The Hounslow Labour group of councillors have released a statement regarding the ongoing Israel – Hamas war. There are 51 elected councillors in the group, representing the vast majority of wards in the borough.

The statement comes a little over a week after the group lost one of their councillors, Lara Parizotto (Brentford West), who resigned from the party because they were “no longer aligned with my values.” She remains on the Council as an independent councillor.

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The Labour councillors’ statement says they “unequivocally condemn the killing of innocent people in both Gaza and Israel.” 

The war has today (27 October) entered its twentieth day with the World Health Organisation estimating that over 7,000 people have lost their lives since the conflict began. They also estimate that 3,000 of these fatalities were children.

Earlier today the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan called for a complete ceasefire as did Labour’s Scottish leader Anas Sarwar, who in 2021 became the first Muslim to lead a political party in the UK. 

The councillors’ statement can be read in full here:

“The Hounslow Labour Group of Councillors reaffirms our firm belief in peace, equality and justice. The communities in Hounslow are diverse and united. We seek to find common ground and reject division. It is unity which makes us Hounslow.

“Right now, hundreds and hundreds of innocent people are trapped in appalling and dangerous conditions in Gaza, while thousands have already lost their lives in just a few days across Palestine and Israel.

“We know that everyone in the Borough of Hounslow will share our shock and sadness at recent events.

“The Hounslow Labour Group unequivocally condemns the killing of innocent people in both Gaza and Israel. We also call for an end to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Human rights and international law must always prevail. Hostages must be returned without delay.

“We call on parties to respect international law, and for a cessation in hostilities in order to allow the urgent delivery and ramping up of aid to Gaza including fuel, water, electricity and medicine.

“Ultimately, there can be a political solution to this crisis. We must do all we can to ensure this conflict ends and there is a meaningful, long-term peace, based on a two-state solution.

“The Hounslow Labour Group stand by all of our communities in Hounslow. Our diversity defines us, and hate cannot be allowed to divide us when there is so much that we have in common.”